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Artist: Buddha Monk f/ Bash, Preacherman
Album:  Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 6: King Monk
Song:   Livin' in a City
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: Preacherman]
Livin' in a city where no one gives a ugh.. never die
Livin' in a city where no one gives a ugh.. never die
Livin' in a city where no one gives a ugh.. never die
Livin' in a city where no one gives a ugh.. never die

I was born with a gun in the ghetto
And niggas wanna kill you, when you go to sleep, in ya bed wit ya metal
Where police wanna stop you, stash the cracks, hit the pedal
Pop a nigga in the face, that's how shit gets settled
Uh-huh, a town where niggas go look for beef
You can get shot and stabbed on them Brooklyn streets
I can take it back, protection orders, news reporters
Nothing in my pocket but a quarter, no hot water
In my hood we ain't giving up
And we blast off guns dog, cuz we don't give a fuck
Bloods with the Crips, and the guns and the clips
And the hoes and the tricks, and the clothes and the kicks
And the bricks and the whips, with the gun and the knife
And the crack and the pipe, with the wife and the dyke
But I'm forced to live in this life, young thugging it
But no one cares until somebody takes my life, why's that?


[Buddha Monk]
Look, I'm trying to eat, but you trying to make me use my heat
And lose my seat on these streets where my youngs make beef
I stay discreate while your tongue dumb, stay with leak
I wait for you to creep, with a flesh buster that'll you bleed
Man down, keep no aim on this, comes around
You shut down, want an 187, but you just will lay down
I'm sheriff bingbingbing, hit you in your cabbage, cool the savage
And make sure I let all of you dudes have it
Just got a rude awakening, by the most notorious bastard
Who love red pastures and red bubble gum wrappers
So come on, Chris, I dare you, to what, to wanna go against me
Word up, I son you fucks and leave you stuffed
With a slug left to your gut, no return for you young fucks
And who will give a fuck, huh?


Son, I'm living, in a time where things are surely changing
Said I'm living, can't even slow down and feel the heart racing
Trying to make a better place for humanity, I fathom thee
But where do we go, to wake up and see
That our existence depends on the soul of you and me?
And not to defend, then there were people sitting
Behind those wooded trees, tryin' to destroy our dreams

[Chorus 2X]