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Artist: Buddha Monk f/ Babyface Fensta, Dungeon Masta
Album:  Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 6: King Monk
Song:   Chambermusik Anthem
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Buddha Monk]
Ahh... what a drink (I wanna be loved by you)
Chambermusik (let me get your undivided attention muthafucka)
Mowie Kei (This is CHAMBER.. MUSIK, M-U-S-I-K)
G-Clef, Cno Evil (exclusive, I don't give a fuck about ya'll seeds)
Sho, Touch (I'm tired of all ya'll acting like, we ain't the niggas)
B. Yakin (fuck ya'll niggas) Buddha Monk
Straight up and down, this the only radio station you gon' get the hottest shit
Underground and everything, Yo, Rod, let me tell ya'll niggas why

[Hook 2X: Buddha Monk]
Ya'll niggas out there, you really don't want it
Ya'll niggas out there, you really don't want it
Ya'll niggas out there, you really don't want it
Ya'll niggas out there, you really don't want it

[Chorus 2X: Buddha Monk]
Aiyo, we beat ya'll niggas up, by smackin' ya niggas around
Lay ya'll niggas out, by gattin' ya niggas down
If Chambermusik can't bang, ya'll niggas can't bang
So stand up, pay ums, we run this game

[Buddha Monk]
This Chamber that I bang for, run with no game lost
Gats up, hoes down, lay a nigga down
This BK, 718, on your plate
So stand straight, you slumped over, welcome to Hell's gate
We pop any tops off, just to get rock soft
Then head to the liquor store, Henny and reach score
Never hood and we war, hit bitches for detour
Monkalicious, fruit dishes, spread on yo ass quick
Brooklyn, put ya lighters up
Thanks for ah, lighting the way for me to rock that ass today
Damn right, I get my shoes scuffed by doing G-Monk stomp
Who want it, want it, come get it, plenty to give
There's nothing in this world that I won't do
I put the gat to you, lay you and your crew
I'll do anything, so get the record straight
Play it again, Chambermusik to the end, ahh

[Chorus 2X]

[Babyface Fensta]
I got Chambermusik, when I spit, show and prove it
Been using that phrase, since the Beat Street craze
From Brooklyn, good looking, eye candy for the ladies
New name for ya goon squad, the Haiti's
Originator, style greater, no equator
The father, enter my Chamber, it's danger
Caution, gave you fare warning, beware
Of MC's cloning, anyway, my hood stay hot
The cops be posted on the block
Under they noses, I slung rocks
The grind don't stop, it only slow up a bit
I keep the haters sick, so many niggas on my dick
I think they funny, haha, po-po had me on the runny
Buy my album please, I need the money
My ears be all over the place, lotta dudes talk behind ya back
I tell it to your face

[Interlude: Babyface Fensta]
Yeah... Chambermusik Exclusive
Ya'll niggas ain't ready
We gon' change ya'll brains to spaghetti
Straight up, I'm coming from the nine ounce
Where we make you bounce, with weight or with the butt of a gun
Ya'll niggas better run, straight up
It's Babyface Fensta, Buddha Monk, T-Boogz
And my nigga muthafuckin' Dungeon Masta
And we gon' blast ya, ya'll niggas better run
Hide, run for cover, word to mother
It's Chambermusik, we bout to do it
Ya'll better get used to it, straight up
Layin' you down

[Chorus 2X]

[Dungeon Masta]
I could picture broken bodies staying in them flusty chains
Nobody come forth to claim the remains
Niggas rather hustle, when it's sunny outside, smoke when it rains
Hit a bird on the hip for brains
Don't play lip ball, my spit break down walls
Hollow tip make clowns fall
You wanna get at me, I'mma call away ya'll
We could smoke trees together, try to scheme together
Cross me, come around, won't be together
Fucker, I'm starving, beyond fammen eat
And you right, niggas do draw heat, hold up
Hey, I'm an inch away from making niggas who did wrong
Pay, I know your pockets long, hey, them niggas ain't that strong
Hate, where I'm from, niggas survive off crumbs
It's just a day in the life in the slums
When dealing with the fiends, the jake, in the slums
The grimey ass niggas got slugs for ya'll muthafucka, duh-deh-duh-duh

[Outro: Dungeon Masta]
Chambermusik is the shit, muthafucka
Word is bond, cop that shit, muthafucka
Don't make me have to split ya wig, muthafucka
I'm telling you, shit ain't... yo, son
Duke, that's the muthafuckin' radio station right there, G
I mean come on, muthafucka, open ya muthafucking eyes, man
What the fuck more can you see man, what the fuck
This shit ain't no muthafuckin' game, you knowhatImean
Chambermusik or die bitch, word is bond
Don't make me come at ya'll niggas with the hatchet, son
I will fucking scalp your bitch ass, son, for real, G
This ain't no muthafucking game, son
I will crucify ya fucking ass, son, for real, son