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Artist: Buddha Monk f/ Cham
Album:  Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 6: King Monk
Song:   Bad Man Walking
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Buddha Monk]
This is clutch-the-mic night, Mike Tyson of this fight
(Cham: you want war?) Throw ya gloves on, and let's fight
Brooklyn K.O., Crown Heights gun ho
Duc-Lo picasso, you clapped twice if you don't think so
Bad to the bone, going back to a girl being boned
I can't eat, then you won't make it home
I Team with Elite, Zu through these streets
Ninja your man, with one swing from the hand
Rhythm a sound clash, D.I.E. the sound man
If the feedback is in my hands
So ring the alarm, Duc-Lo war is on
If you can't stand the heat, stay on when it's on, word is bond

[Chorus 2X: Cham]
For all my niggas who be living ghetto fabulous
And all the playa haters, who just wanna fuck wit us
I send 'em by the fuss, mind & body dust
You try to disrespect my crew, and then a shot'll bust

If you see the killing, and mi ready for the war
Me gone, me got it, in my house and in me car
Niggas try to test me, they not know who we are
Me infrared lick you from afar, war
You punk muthafucka, Duc-Lo, you wanna test?
Squeeze my machine and leave my copper in ya chest
Now left me out, in me bulletproof vest
Excuse me while we light up my cess, Buddha bless, yes
All my niggas all ya holla, if you gotta make a dollar
Duc-Lo all the crews, we follow making G's and adios
Ya'll all know about me flesh, make the meter quite the best
This my album, gon' make 'em write the checks, next

[Chorus 2X]

Bad man, the killer... gun low, Duc-Lo, I the conqueror
Oh Mr. Buddha just a singa what ya seed say

[Buddha Monk]
I write the songs that make the whole world sing
I write the songs that make the other rappers hate
It's all good though, I wrap up, like Freddy Knuckles
Throw in the blows, do ya Hollywood shuffle
I touch you, clap once, clap twice, out ya light
I'm G.E., I bring gun elect' to ya life
So run now, here's a slug to slow you down
To where you go, where no man has gone before now
I'm the sands of time, and you done stepped on this landmine
That means, I deal with any that fuck with mines
Spread the word, Duc-Lo, the new Star Search
War to an A&R if my vibe ain't heard, that's my word
I deal with those bodily fluids, and
3D a shot, to the Time Life book
Gun vibe, Brooklyn's most newest doing it
I ain't new to this, I stay true to this, what, niggas?

[Chorus 2X]