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Artist: Buddha Monk & Popa Wu f/ Babyface Fensta, Bash, Preacherman, Q-Plex
Album:  Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 5: Back Then
Song:   Send it Back
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Intro: Q-Plex]
Sexy chocolate, two scoops of fudge'll do me swell
French vanilla, give brain all so well
Hahaha, I love 'em all (I love 'em all)

[Chorus: Preacherman]
Don't let me mislead you, baby
I just wanna drive you crazy
Turn you out and take you places
And send ya back home to yo' man, hey

Sexy chocolate, what's cracking?
Yo' thighs and tetas got me scoping
I'm hoping to get into them, bounce and twirl
Go around the world, now make my toes curl
Mr. Pink getting shacked in the champange bath
I love ya dirty ways, I don't misbehave
Comb my locks, don't stop, get it, got it
Cumming like a faucet, grip it, grip it
Leave ya kitty, real drippy, now it's sticky
Ride home in wet Vicky's
She called next day, now she wanna come out, and play
Lay with the kid, Amillion Don Quan
Punani slayer, the pipe layer
Some would call a plumber, timberrrr
Drop my ten inch of lumberrrr
Now she wanna lingerrrr...


Pissy off the Henny with the gin and juice
With the fitted to the left and the Timbo boots
While y'all niggaz at the strip club throwing them chick bucks
I'm the only nigga, V.I.P. getting my dick sucked
Listen, yeah I'm laid back, ma', it's a G thing
I'm trying to get all up in that ass like a G-string
God damn, I'm so high off this bamboo
I got this bitch that give more head than shampoo
Her punani got the glue, yo it's crazy yo
We getting big cake, making crazy dough
I need a normal chick, not a psycho hoe
So why you fronting, ma'? You know you like me though
Go get ya coat and ya bag, meet me at the door
Yo it's after four, shorty, let's get raw
Do things you never did before
Bend ya knees, touch the floor, open wide, let me rod get inside


[Babyface Fensta]
Yo ma', before you dress, let me caress
Your silky smooth skin, with cocoa butter
My all natural beauty is intoxicating
I drink ya bath water, my nose wide open
You think I sniffed an ounce of yae-yo
Yo a habit I would kick if I was Kato
She heard it all before, from Superwoman to Gangsta Bitch
She ain't taking no shit, she said "So? Nigga, fuck you!"
She hit me up, so, oops, I went upside her head
Now she falling, calling me 'bout a resolution
"Let's talk over, lunch and dinner"
She wanna give me a, kiss, kiss "Hey, hey, fella"
Showed her some love, but she bootylicious
She better, get more serious
If she don't want me to mistake her for a silly hoe

[Chorus 2X]