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Artist: Buddha Monk & Popa Wu f/ I-Born
Album:  Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 5: Back Then
Song:   Love Me
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Chorus 2X: I-Born]
So much pressure, hold me tight (Ohh-ohh-ohh)
Love me, love me, love me, they wanna slug me
They wanna slug me, they wanna slug me

Can I holler 'cross the street baby?
The city is crazy, my hollered across the cross
Boss cats boss with them boss gats
Rap sacks then the spat, fast
But we tossed back, comin' first infact
Bulletproof love, first with facts
My DAT thirst for dough, infact worse than foe
By the moonlight clutch my lust
Don't trust them hoes, to the death
or to the gusto, whatever comes first yo
I push them funds where they shoot them crumbs
Testin' the heat, stressed by the streets
Checkin' for beasts, give respect when I reach
for a hug from the guns exstacy
Boogie next to me, Free stretch the scene
Bless the Ol' D., my drink stay wooly on the low-key
Hop seven beasts in the trenches
Defences, gettin' missed by inches

[Chorus 2X]

Life or die tryin', thug passion love
Slugs blastin', attract to cash, maggots and drugs
Holdin' court in the streets, howl at wolves on the other side
Ride until my brother die, friends never wonder why
Junior gotta die with his father's five
Hold pie ambiance, same shit, different struggle
Life wit this life, stay strength on the hip
Holdin' the fifth, don't mean shit 'less you hit
Stay thick, click roll thick, flip and evict
Spittin' the inf', can't have 'em lookin' for me
Message for D's, we control your destiny
Test for me when it's just best to speak
Drop to my knees, can't hear 'em coppin' a plea
Runnin' the streets, dunn who got it wit me
So when my brother speaks, ain't no presents for me
Turn the other cheek, hittin' off repeatedly, G
King of these streets, fiend to these beats
Let the car seats lean, lick a shot when the cops will scream
We all in this game, most cats starve in this thing
Scramblin' for CREAM, the drama, the pain
Son there's traum' on scene, son there's traum' on the scene

[Chorus 5X]