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Artist: Buddha Monk & Popa Wu f/ Fast Life
Album:  Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 5: Back Then
Song:   The Fast Lane
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Intro: Spliffs (Lecture)]
Yeah, 200 block on this (Word)
Fast life (Jersey)
My man Buddha on the track (Uh)
Word (Stay in ya lane)

Yo, I'm a mental gymnast, and I swim the whole distance
Adjusted when ya scared, with persistance
Take life for instance, watch how rapid we flow
Similar to guns and heavy ammo
I tore the enamel, off the back of rap vandals
Fake, walk on the beach just like sandals
I'm the Roman candle of rap, gimme that
Fast life, we got Buddha for them tracks
Explicit, could lace that, or let Mex get it next
Y'all gon' have to give us respect
Or bodies erect, will be found floating parallel to the ground
Who you think hold the crown?
Correct, we do, easily see through
Snake niggaz, window glass, vision my view
Scarier thoughts, my deeper in the mental
None of us gemmers, we dismiss you from the venue

[Chorus 2X: Spliffs]
It's the F-A-S-T L-I-F-E, so stay in ya L-A-N-E

Block general, most of y'all feminine now
Got a grinning smile at some sillier clowns
But we gutter, street hustlers
Ya fake substance got fiends buzzing
Exchange that, for D's to seize something
I see packs like chicks in weave fronting
Hang plaques like pronto leaves, deceive customs
My scar bust the party, dust ya, right off like tick spray
Take ya life off instead of a day
Back in ya house, with the gat out
Ready to play, brush off, ya team's leaving like a streetsweeper
Third L-E-CTURE, in The Source, text's better
Recognize me, on ya royal texts, ya heard?

[Chorus 2X]

I'm playing the point, my squad with the home court advantage
Bust off 'til ya team is permanently slanted
We don't act right, who living the fast life?
Warzone, niggaz is banging them loud pipes
We too iffy, only soldiers roll with me
Tical riding shotty and he rolling up a fifty
Move major, clientele on sky pagers
Numb fingertips with the dust on the razor
Hop in the cab, this B.K. collab
The price looking right, I'll probably hit 'em with the mag
Fast life, and we only in it for the cash
It's fast life, and we only it for the cash

[Chorus 4X]

[Outro: Spliffs (Lecture)]
Niggaz, yeah, it's Jersey up in here
(Niggaz need they license tooken)
Yeah, life repper (Swerving)
My man Ja, (Fucking bums) Lecture, Spliffs
Boy (Ya heard?) Uh, stay in ya lane, be swerving
(200 block, nigga)