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Artist: Buddha Monk & Da Manchuz f/ Popa Chief, Preacherman
Album:  Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 4: Manchuz Dynasty
Song:   Ain't No Woman Like the One I Got
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Preacherman]
Ooooh, yeah...
Ain't no woman like the one I got (like the one I got)
Ain't no woman like the one I got (like the one I got)

[Babyface Fensta]
Yo love, we tighter than OJ's glove
You can't tell 'em I ain't kill it
I'm a natural born hustler, my style's gangsta
I stay on the grind, you don't mind
Nobody, ever bust in your face
You let them chicken heads squawk
If he got some pussy it was before I met you
As we layed on my altar, I performed the baptism
You had your first orgasm, I ain't just try to fuck you
I made love to you, can you fathom how deep I went?
Damn, you got pretty titties, look how they stand up
Without a bra, I love your hair, the stylish clothes you wear
Your walk, your talk, you don't do make-up
When you wake-up, you're still beautiful, god bless you, mami

[Chorus: Preacherman]
Ain't no woman like the one I got (don't mind if a man keeps hustling)
Ain't no woman like the one I got (she's a rider if her man starts clapping)
Ain't no woman like the one I got (get questioned by the beast, no rapping)
Ain't no woman like the one I got (take care of things when I'm not there)

[Babyface Fensta]
Grand Central, off Van Wyck Expressway
From Jackie Robinson Parkway, reverse it
Delete the G.C. V.W., too much traffic
Take the short cut, Union
Turn pipewest, straight to the inter-borough
Bushwick exit, you've now entered
The heart of America, make a left on Eastern Parkway
Take it to Howard Ave.
Make a left, and take it to Kings Highway
That's the nineties, I'm a Crooklyn king
I got a Brooklyn queen, that's two hundred & 50 dollars a week
I spend on transporation
Damn, I got to love you, no one above you
I dig your style, your smile, the gap between your teeth
Girl unique, let's make babies
I don't fuck with flusies


You been there for me, when the weight was on my shoulder
Showed you cared for me, bust guns in the Rover
And now I see, now I see, that I wanna share my riches with you
Baby, hold on, it won't be so long
We share our dreams, we gotta hold on
Never cry, no matter what the cost
Girl I love you, girl I'll give it all
Give it all...

[Chorus w/ Popa Chief]