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Artist: Buddha Monk
Album:  Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 3: Unleash the Fury
Song:   You Don't Really Want None
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Buddha Monk]
Time to set the record straight, niggas
Daddy Warbucks, what the fuck, niggas?
This the one right here, check this out

[Chorus: Buddha Monk]
You don't really want none, what you want from me, son?
It's useless to go against us, you will lose, dunn
So bring all your bad men, we deal with all your bad men
It's us against the world, and we will stand firm

[Buddha Monk]
How dare you try to defy, the Daddy Warbucks is alive
Since you do, this the night that you all come and try
I'm ready to ride, ready to fight, and if it's war against me
Then fuck it, nigga, I'm ready to die
Ain't no mission big, ain't none of your clips that big
My nine enter anywhere, get rid of any kid
You talk like a gun ho, but you dumb, like your Dumbo
And your pockets is low, you rubbed out like Play-Doh
And I don't need no permission, nigga, I spit out the nine
And believe, nigga, it'll show my intention
I dig what they living, kill what make children
Big niggas is spitting, the unfinished dimensions
So you don't really want none, but you talk like you want some
Don't let the nine return that ass back to the essence
Let this be your lesson, it ain't where you from, nigga
It's just how you bust your fucking weapon

[Chorus 2X]

[Buddha Monk]
Aiyo, you don't really want none, because if you did
You wouldn't send your man to do your shit
So do you want the war, dunn, I don't think that you don't
I don't think you can stand toe to toe with me
What happened to your bad men? What you thought
I wouldn't show for this war, be ready for the war, nigga
Be ready, cuz it's on, man, it's the last man standing
So ready aim, fire all your weapons
And Brooklyn ain't no scared cats, it's blazed where you live at
Say where you get at, tell Rae where you hid it at
We don't give a fuck, dunn, it's a life of a bad man
You heard it before, hearing the news at four
So prepare for the war, Daddy Warbucks is the law
I told you before, it's made men at your door
So get law, or get raw, or get tore
Ya'll niggas know don't fuck with my laws, nigga

[Chorus 2X]

[Buddha Monk]
I don't need nothing with balling, I need my niggas all in
So we can move on these niggas like the invasion of the martians
What you looking at dunn, what you laughing at, huh?
How bout I bitch smack you in the face with the back of my gun
And you can put up a fight if you really think you gotta
But is it worth losing your life, when you know you ain't gotta?
Well alright, let's fight, let's get it on tonight
I'm BK all day, where we bring hot things to life
And start right, cake ice, baking soda, things right
Duc-Lo blue and whites, tuck made drugs right
62, a nigga face right, if he try to get in the way
Of me feeding my seeds for the night
Coo-koo, that's the call to get rid of you
Go to war with any of you, yo, murder all of you
So if you want the war, dunn, bring all your bad men
I deal with all your bad men, kill all your bad men

[Chorus 3X]