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Artist: Buddha Monk
Album:  Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 2: Like Father Like Son
Song:   U Don't Want it With Me
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Buddha Monk]
So what I gotta do, I gotta go in on this one?
Haha, alright, Brooklyn Zu, Buddha Monk, cross, nigga

[Buddha Monk]
So many men wanna punish me, for the way that I live
I gotta eat like you eat, nigga, feed my kids
These streets I live, got me returning nicks
Six feet deep, covered in dirt, your new crib
Your loose lips, made a nigga, do you, bitch
Prove to you, bitch, my guns bust, no punk in me, bitch
I ain't never met a man who can't get chopped down
Ain't hot now, flame drop now, late rock, clown
Always carry heat, never talk to police
Stake the street, creep the beef, wait for the whites of they teeth
And that's why we most likely how they wanna catch me
So first seed, first drop, nigga, signed by me
You wan't beef, that's fine by me, my nine speaks by me
Mocha sex rise me, with nine steel by me
With a mind that thinks as good as these
You might still have a chance and live as long as me, but

[Chorus: Buddha Monk]
You don't really wanna catch a slug from me (no, you don't)
It's best for your health you stay away from me (but, you won't)
And you don't really wanna get in beef with me (I bet, you don't)
So it's best that you leave and don't mess with me (you might, lose your soul)

[Buddha Monk]
Each day that I wake, I look death in the face
I'm ain't signed up for that, but I gotta push these bricks
Need chips, need whips, need a chick, need a wish
That I didn't have to live this life I live
But I had to get this money, so that's the price I live
So life might give, so I write off with the gift
Creep when the sun set, bulletproof vest, slug poisonous tip
Monk voided by papes, clip off, tell me who did it
No co-defendants, it's better when the God did 'em
Win with, new jewels, new presidents to, that I took from you
Pops taught me the golden rule, stick and move
Bust him in the kneecaps if he's bigger than you
And no chicks on this earth really belong to you
For what it's worth, they pick and choose
Don't be a fool, suck it up, make your moves
Never let them see you sweat, nigga, cake and rule