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Artist: Buddha Monk f/ Grime
Album:  Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 2: Like Father Like Son
Song:   Paper Chase
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Intro: Grime]
Uh.. yeah.. Wuuuuu.. g-yea
Bedstuy, Brooknam, baby
That's all on our city
(Brooknam! Get ya money)

It's like hood life, paper chase, everybody want chips
Get big, hustle game, money, get rich
All in all, players ball, ya slip, take a fall
If niggaz wanna work with them all then hit them off
Now you gone one but shorty said that he thinks he's gonna need a gun
Cuz the men's on the strip be tryin to box him in
And we ain't havin that, so ya take this shit and ya take six clips
And you air em all out if them niggaz wan' flip
I got 7-6ths, that's two tray-8s and duck, come and get me
The fo' fifth is live, that makes 805 for a nigga ass
Test the beast and Macs'll smash
And when I walk the streets I keep one in the stash
And it's firmly tucked in the Lex in the Nash
I'm the best in the game, first draft pick
Yay stretch it come back like elastic
I try my best not to go left and stay right on
Stop at the best of spots and get my bite on
Cop at expensive shops to get the ice on
Props, top of the line to get the high on
I'ma get the Stuy on, third in line
But I ain't mad at Jigga and BIG, now get the Grime on
I got more money in the Banks than Tyra
And don't beg for none, g-yea, I'm not the government
No hand outs, I'm not Joey D. Fonda

[Outro: Grime]
Yeah.. pimp.. Grime.. brotha is
And that's it.. straight fire fo' yo' ass
Be easy for me..