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Artist: Buddha Monk f/ Che Logan, Juice, Main Event, Popi
Album:  Zu-Chronicles, Vol. 2: Like Father Like Son
Song:   How U Ballin'?
Typed by: Cno Evil

How you balling, my squadron, move forward
Flow past, with no pass, official, we test the rep
Whistles blow often, your crew can't rush, my defense
With your two-hand touch, ya'll niggas be reaching
My legion's a league, we see no need for the beef, yet
We seizing the beat, take it for my knees
Use what an ounce to spark, hit it out the park, first class kid
First draft pick, make it seem easy

[Che Logan]
Guess who popped up, it's Logan on the set
Chill and I step, the kid with the high school rep
Put one in your fade, nigga I was born to live it brave
Chilling on, top of the world, spitting on braids
Making my money, capital, right, niggas like that Michelob
She do it for the heights, sitting on bikes, laid back
Nigga this is payback, fuck this shit
Money over bitches, mob life, fuck in a skit

Ducati's in gold, bang on Kamikaze's at shows
P.O. popular flows, we calculate, no need to reload
Put the burner to the top of your skull, can't copy my flow
I'm hotter than gold, copies who sold
BK, it's the origin here, not according to fear
Push the God, then I murder your peers
It's all about paper, no need to debate
Watch my dough rise like yeast, and my wallet's inflate

[Main Event]
Verbally vicious, ice grill, posing for pictures
Who wanna battle, meet me at 'dawn' like detergent for dishes
Gangsta spitter, I'm pure like the water in Britta
While your man's full of shit, like your kitten's litter
My thoughts get sicker, every time I'm bent off liquor
Niggas get tossed in the sea with the dolphin Flipper
Main is a walking center, I'm hating beer that's bitter
Spitting alcohol poison that'll fuck up your liver