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Artist: Buddha Monk f/ Da Manchuz
Album:  Zu-Chronicles, Vol 1.: Throwbacks
Song:   Red Rum
Typed by:, Tha Masta

[Chorus - Buddha Monk]
Babyface here's the rum to get the party started
Tell I got the four-four, and now we all guard it
We walk with heat, ain't nuttin sweet on the streets
If you walk in the slum you get caught by the dum-dum
Niggas, what? Red rum, red rum
Murder is the mothafuckin case that they gave me
Red rum, red rum
Murder is the mothafuckin case that they gave me

[Babyface Fensta] (Chilli Black):
[BFF] I wanna hit some skins tonight
[CB]  Aight, crook stop stealin
      Thugs count your slugs, but ain't nobody killin
[BFF] I knew I got a chance, that bitch pant's tight
[CB]  L-I-Q got me flippin, feelin for a fight
[BFF] Wanna get my groove on, proceed the move on
[CB]  Before the break of dawn, all y'all niggas is gone
      Try to front and get torn, I'm at the door with the four-four
      Vest in my chest, I'm fuckin livin hardcore, hearin..

[Buddha Monk]
Ooh, baby I like it raw
War, things ain't just peace no more

[Chilli Black]
The way I get raw, I gettin ready for a brawl
Suited in fatigues, shoot, size of livin proof
Robbin niggas ain't cute, but niggas needed some loot

[Babyface Fensta]
I step to the street, what's your name? {Denise}
She had us with mass physique, and the cunt's magnifique
Ass is in check, cuz the body's now wrecked
and I stepped, she was from the fuckin projects
Back to the party, to drink some Bacardi
Stepped to this chick, but her breath was straight Cardi'
Miss ladi-dadi, get off the wall so we can party
You see me scopin, your pussy freak got me open


[Babyface Fensta]
Control party masses, pass champagne glasses
Peace and love to the Ol' Dirty Bastard
Multi-chick, it's the Zu killa trend
Deadly with the pen, with the track he kills again
I'm layin my charm down, there's honies all around
my section, got Lifestyles for protection
Fuck that, grounded on asses gives infections
Time to chill out, for this alcohol session

[Chilli Black]
16 cent, on this fuckin Alize'
Pour it out for my man A
Rest in peace, love, peace and hair grease
The drama never ceased, I'm rugged like a beast
with fronts in my mouth-piece, teachin niggas how to pimp
If I did it, I did it, you could be charged for attempt
Bitch stop pagin me, I'm not tryin to hear you
You wanna fuck my physical, meet Spiritual
I'm tryin to get Drunk with the Dragon
That one-night-stand got you braggin
Ya hot like a shot with the thirty-thirty, up the twat
I want a bitch that smoke pot, a lot

[Babyface Fensta] (Chilli Black):
[BFF] Dancin with these bitches got my draws all wet
[CB]  Yo the party just started, don't end it yet
[BFF] We gotta go tell a (nigga go to hell)
      There's crazy bitches waiting at the fuckin hotel
[CB]  Let me smoke another L and drink some more wine
[BFF] We got mad cash, but we can't buy time
[CB]  Son, it's only 15 to the break of dawn
[BFF] Let's scatter like roaches when the lights come on