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Artist: Buddha Monk f/ Eddy Parker
Album:  Meet Me @ The Parking Lot (S)
Song:   Meet Me @ The Parking Lot
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Intro: Eddy Parker]
This right here is the fine
G Monk Monk, Eddy Parker up in this building

[Eddy Parker]
Got a twelve pack of Hieneken, joined by some illy phillies
Nigga what the dealie dealie, don't act so silly silly
I ain't the ???, want it, yeah I'm on the dot
Meet me at the parking lot, metaphor, change the spot
Call some hunnies, call alot
Pop ya trunk, boom box, boom box, boom box
Stash ya hammers underneath the passengers chair, we ain't gon need em here
All we got is pussy here, yeah we got some pussy here

[Chorus X4: Sample]
Meet me at the parking lot where it goes down

[Buddha Monk]
This Alabama thug nigga always ride with gun, nigga
If not, roll with thug niggas who would get at any nigga
Bloodline is Jones', graphic, we own it
Colla greens, chicken, corn bread, we own it
We better then the mafia, south love in Texas
Dirty red clay eating, Nextel with an AK
This cat got no pitbulls, but got alot of woods
Don't act a fool wor these woods will get you

[Chorus X4]

[Hook: Buddha Monk]
Meet me at the parking lot where it's about to go down
And he gon get hit you with all of your niggas around

[Buddha Monk]
You ride by respect hoods, you try hood, you get hood
In south, nothin to do but take critters up out of shoes
Fam reunions, switch clips, talk about dirty chicks
Might be your cousin, didn't know, but you hit it
Don't care about your dinner cups, only care g's up
Dough boys come at you, don't freeze up, make a move
Them back roads, moonshine, Cadillac with a nine
You can say whatchu wanna nigga, I gotta clip that'll talk to any nigga

[Chorus X4]


[Eddy Parker]
It's that hustler's ambition or just an optical illusion
I'm at, I'll guess you'll be hearing from Parker, ??? getchu some
Make the beat to shake that, thump, thump thump thump, thump thump thump
Nigga act up, get lumped lumped lumped
Don't mess with the Monk or G Monk Monk

[Buddha Monk (Eddy Parker)]
Don't switch your brain if you call your click
(We don't give a fuck about none of you, bitch)
Set it off right there in front of your bitch
(Stump stump stump, dump dump dump)
Do the jump jump jump, it's Snake & Monk
(Parker on the ash black, carry the mac)
Don't want it with me then please stand back
(We're letting off mad, it's money in fact)

[Chorus X4]

[Interlude: Buddha Monk harmonizing w/Eddy Parker ad-libs]


*Monk singing to end, with unidentifiable high pitch ad-libs*