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Artist: Buddha Monk f/ Da Manchuz
Album:  The Dark Knight
Song:   We Back
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Intro: Lee-Major (Drunken Dragon)]
One time, never lost (Manchuz)
Do you want it? Beat up the boss (OK, who you looking for?)
We back on the streets (Bring it!)

Yo it's Note$ and I'm back, boy
Yo it's Note$ and I'm back fucking with fat boy
Back still against the wall, stuck in a trap
This is a hustler speaking, don't confuse it with rap
I'm abusing the chalk, the chalk is ya outline in fact
Click where you at? Getting high off ya own supply
I supply you with the goods to get high
It's understood what I write is crafty

[Drunken Dragon]
Ya still acting tough but ya acting sucks
Daddy's back, I need new shoes on the truck
I'm on a mission, yeah, call me Seymour Bucks
Cuz I'm a rock it 'til my pockets seem scuffed enough
I'm still Dragon, still on the Ave and blasting
at lames and taking names, the battle is my passion
In the club smashing mics and windpipes
What you asking for? Manchuz get you hype for sure
No question my verbal combustion make me hotter than an oven
More of what ya loving, what ya missing is Dragonfist
The biz is back with more chronic and more Cognac

Cuz this is how we gets down, nigga, Duck-Lo
Get at an MC, eenie meanie minee moe
More fast or slow I'm a P-R-O
Don't believe me? You can ask ya girl, yo
He's like H20, keep it on a low
Spit at an MC sitting biting on my flow
See that's an anal, 'member that 'fore you go
Thinking of gracing up a pen and pad? Tighten up ya flow
So pure hip-hop, Manchuz got ya slot
Act like this is a religion, make salat
Call you Dum-Dum, one bullet fit in his gun
Every time he hear "Faces of Fear", just run

Aiyo we back on that shit again
Mic check one-two, fiends lean when the team come through
You know me, big boy War make big boy noise
You act up I get the clubs out and hurt you boys
Manchuz, ain't nothing better than this
So you can blend in and tell ya man, all scared, them niggaz back on the strip
We back on route, you talk slick and I break yo' snout
You heard what I said, nigga? You invest, they out
I spray like Raid, remove you dirty niggaz like Oust
I'm old school, like cut ya balls off, foot in yo' mouth
I'm off to the bar, coke money, I hustled it all
I'm hustling broads, you got money? Fuck it, I'm off

[Chilli Black]
Talk is cheap, so I'ma listen to money
Who talking forty mil shit? Split 20/20
I'm from Murder Marks, and that grip can feel funny
I'm street smart, I make my enemies feel dummies
Life's a beautiful thing, right? It will get ugly
Just cross Chilli Black, that'll get you killed buddy
I'm a boss, I tell my son "Sonny handle that for me"
A-rat-a-tat-tat, make thinking caps peal bloody

[Buddha Monk]
BRAAAAAPP... You hear that, critters?
Yes, I'm back critters, like crack critters
Distribute, you're now rat critters
Game shut down, Manchuz in town
From one-to-seven, forearm laid to the ground
We pack a punch like ya mom's packed ya school lunch
Don't do brunch, only clips and out of state cobras
So hustle up ya best critter, is that yo' best critter?
Oh shit Manchuz done it again!
You post up, ya toast up, fuck ya gold rush
No trace of son, gagged up, bagged and next up
No aftermath, we have to ask, statement passed
We saved for last, Babyface aim and blast!

[Babyface Fensta]
What? Y'all thought y'all wasn't gon' see me?
The last Deadly Venom of this shit!
Yeah it's Fensta, yeah I'm back
My phone tapped, beware: a lot of these agents is wired
So I flow through the land line as agua
Shape shift, tongue twist, knowledge is bliss
You're still trapped in The Matrix
That's all I hear on the microphone
It's Neo, I echo these words... to that head-head-oh!!! {*explosion*}