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Artist: Buddha Monk
Album:  The Dark Knight
Song:   Secrets
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Buddha Monk]
Ahh man (I shouldn't have done it)
I don't know what to do (I shouldn't have done it)
What did I do, for what? (I gotta run)
I'mma see in his eyes... I'm living his eyes everyday
Damn.... yeah, I hope I'm forgived
For all the wrong that I've done to ya'll out there
It's some real shit right here, I don't know
Ok, yeah, (Yo, they comin' for you Buddha
They comin' for you, Buddha, what you gonna do?)
Ahh, man, why me? Why did I do it? Damn! (Help me)

[Chorus: sample]
It's all in the eyes, the reckless way we dream to die
Our past is our future...
The present lies, somewhere between our hearts and minds
For those with no future...
Keep this a secret, our lot in life
They are elephants, we are mice
Keep this a secret, our lot in life
They are elephants, we are mice
We are, mice...

[Buddha Monk]
Yo, I stand with my Zu niggas, ready for anything
Travel over hot deserts, raising at any man
Like sands in the hourglass, time's up, when the
Black rubber grip is inside my hand
Never had a life, rich likes and burberry, right?
Had to dress black, mask matched, wait for the great catch
Sorry mom and dad, you gave it your best
But, when a nigga need, hands up, you know the rest
But you got a lotta knuckleheads, who blood turn red
Then you got them cats who talk to the feds
Slug got cha, was the nigga took off head
No fingerprints, white chalk, blood on the pavement
No safe in meeting satan, he's patiently waiting
To let them slugs cause you bodily harm
Can't you see it in your future, that hell wants to seduce you
Meet you from a future, of kids who never knew ya
Now your eyes change a different color, voice moves a little slower
Which nigga's gonna explain this to his mother
Baby cries, lady cry, they all say byes
And the rest of they fam got revenge in they eyes
Now, hold up, hold up, stop, wait a minute
Think about it, what was the reason for this?
If he's dead, it's a secret now, no more blood and needed now
We got enough of us, dying on these streets, now secrets


[Interlude: Buddha Monk]
I don't think ya'll understand me
Shit's serious... I'm still try'nna figure out why I did it
Not at all... damn, I don't know what's gonna happen now
I gotta see... ahh, man, somebody help me, figure this out
Yeah.... I can't shake it off me
What's going on? (Keep running, nigga) Somebody help me!
(Keep running, nigga) I CAN'T TAKE IT NO MORE!

[Buddha Monk]
Yeah, I'm waking up, man, dripping from sweat
Feeling like, what I did, I now regret
See? I wasn't thinking, heated in the moment
But now I'm seeing visions of his body slumped over
And, is this my justice, is this the end?
Will I have to see his face a thousand times again?
Will the justice system catch up with my thugness
Or will I have to take the gun out and bust, run quick, shit!
I hope not, for now it's a secret
But sometimes secrets, end up on the street, kid
People's weakness, got you creeping
Thinking everyone is definetly sleeping
Now my inner thoughts saying: "Son, you read it wrong
What if they don't give a fuck about that nigga who'se gone, huh?"
True that, but what if he told your summoner's man
And he waiting for me to step out to the sun, like then, bam!
Damn, can't call on God to help me with this hand
Once I raise up that Taurus, and 187 on a man
And my nigga Raheem, yo, told me, never give a damn
What if the shit was on the other foot, and my brains was on this land?
Damn, it seem so easy for other niggas to tell you this
But if you caught up, lay ride the 3 to 6 with you on this?
(I don't think so) Now, it's all just a secret
Truth lies when the truth comes out, and you see it in they eyes
That they all lie...

[Chorus to fade]

[Outro: Buddha Monk]
Damn, I don't know what to do
Should I, should I take my life
Should I wait and see what the outcome is gon' be
Aww, shit, I don't know...
I just hope I'm forgiven for this
And now, I'm at the end of the rope, I'm losing it
I don't know what I didn't wanna do,  I'm just gonna lose it
Aww, man, yeah... I feel like this, cuz I'm living in the Zu right now
I'm trapped in, I'm untamed, I can't be controlled
But yet, I grieve, niggas, I grieve *laughter*