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Artist: Buddha Monk
Album:  The Dark Knight
Song:   Change Now Comin'
Typed by: Tha Masta

"A change has gotta come... ooh yeah" - sample repeats throughout

[Intro: Buddha Monk]
Eh.. aiyo this is for all my Brooklyn niggaz
I want y'all to get crazy now on this one
Franklin check out what I'm sayin' from the beat

[Buddha Monk]
I'm back again man, quicker than I ever been
So, tell ya friends the Monk is in, deal ya right hand in
I make that a straight fact, I don't play that
Only bake that, lace that, throw that where the shake is at
Hey, y'all niggaz want what? Y'all want the war?
Step up to bat, throw y'all curveballs
This world is your's cut me a slice, and this world is your's
The new lords with new laws, move in and juk your's
Eh, never good with loss, took it by brute force
Moved up by lootin' your's, shootin' up, recruitin' your's
You want the rounds to go off? Hounds to throw you in the dark?
Duck-Lo ya body and someone's fucked
You rather see another day, a sunny haze spark
Save a lot of K-Mart, Blockbuster rent a car on gay bars
Ice pinky ringed out, for them bitches that need ghetto strous
Double clout, get my dough then bounce
Eh, for you groupie bitches, yeah I'ma see you bitches
Deepthroat you bitches, skiied off on all you bitches
All you side-bettin' ass niggaz, yeah I got your trick
Turnin' tricks, learnin' tricks, that's what I do to yo' trick
Trick me balls and teeth me, cum and pee-pee then go home and kiss Stevie
Ooh you taste me? For you iced out niggaz
For the right price, damn right I'll snipe you niggaz
Back out on niggaz, clap all you niggaz
Eh, the Black Robin Hood, take from the bad or good, nigga
Body turned up, one of the tales from my hood, nigga
I do this not nigga, for the reps or the streets
Tears on a cheek, simply a nigga must eat
718 hooligan, Zu Blood Kin
Right the death like a ballpoint pen, so let it be written
Went up to bat, there ain't no missin'
Bring the team in, foolish stick to reefer any season, man
You wanna know what's worse than I?
Go to the church and watch the deacon speakin'
And fuckin' at the six thirty meetin'
But now, that's right it's now comin'
By speakin' out about the shit I seen in the streets, man
Y'all stop trickin' on these bitches
Have you noticed the one shirt size bigger than every the one in ya closet?
That's the skeletons in ya closet, ever lost to ya nigga Marcus
And he's fuckin' her while you're out robbin' for her
Eh, get that nigga...

[Outro: Buddha Monk]
That's right it's now comin'
A change is now comin', niggaz
That's right it's now comin'
A change is now comin', eh!
That's right it's now comin', niggaz
A change is now comin', niggaz
Buddha Monk is now comin', niggaz
Crushin' niggaz, slashin' niggaz, smashin' niggaz, niggaz eh!