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Artist: (Buckwild f/) A.G., Celph Titled, Diamond D, Grand Puba, O.C., Sadat X
Album:  Buckwild Presents...
Song:   There Will Be Blood (Remix)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro 4X: Biz Markie samples]
{"Rock the house and, on and on and"}
{"Rock the house and"}

[Celph Titled]
If me and some rap faggot have static
We can go to war, at your show you'll need flak jackets
Strapped with automatics? No we use bats and hatchets
Give the microphone a drug test, I spit crack at it, for crack addicts
Approach your A&R with an AR
Based on a true story, I spit H-bombs in every eight bars
When Tony put his face in that snow, I was writin them flavor flows
And yeah even my worst haters know that I'm a player for sho'
They be like "Yeah I'm wit'cha Titled"
Bring bitches back to the pad, like a menstrual cycle
You walk around like you some kinda thuggy guy
I know you ain't Diddy but I can make you see through Puffy eyes

[Sadat X]
You know my stats, boy, you know what I'm workin with~!
Firearms of various calibers penetrate
I'm the hate that breeds hate - nah, let me illustrate
Time stands still on a day that's slow
With me it ain't about the show, it's 'bout the proof
I aim from the roof, make any fatal move and this is a stick-up
You sneeze or even hiccup lou layin flat
You wanna face this rage? Somebody throw some meat in the cage
Wear armor, you can call Obama, call your momma!
I breed armies, make men out of boys
I'm your tactical General Patton, from BK to Manhattan
You frontin, you lame, treat your whole squad the same

[Grand Puba]
I don't play when it come to this, I rule the mic with the iron fist
Compile data, then I make the list
Grab the whack move their ass to trash
then empty trash so they don't exist
Since vinyl, words flow like herds of rhinos
Leave your ass trampled when I'm runnin on a sample
A showdown at sundown, these verbals I run down
will leave yo' ass dumbfound, you thought you was gunned down
Rhyme style mean like a dopefiend lean
Head against the green and you face the guillotine
Grand Puba, there's no way you can dodge
Better off tryin your luck in Las Vegas at Mirage

Been through ups and downs, never touched the ground
Like girls with the big butts, never fuck with clowns
I let the music take over me, words flow through me
Truly the best, that's why niggaz keep quotin me
I'm the baddest nigga livin, average niggaz don't stand a chance
I danced in France, put hands and feets on beats
Put fans in trances, Amsterdam is
a place where I sin, get that yen in Japan kid
The Swiss mountains, I got a Swiss accountant
Chick with a fountain pen keep my chips amountin
to somethin, my ground is unparalled
While y'all niggaz keep on horsin around like carousels

Yeah mind over; as a matter of fact
there's no practice needed, see, I'm matched by none
When it's all said and done up, the last man standin is proof
Who has the biggest brass in battles a crafty MacGyver
E'ryday things round me work to my advantage
Cream get the plan at random
So every livin soul on the planet understand this
As some often say, an heir is apparent
I'm that Maltese priceless art
There's no biddin on an auction block, fortune of Fort Knox
Off top or written, each vowel takes precicsion
Knockout solidifies when they fight over decision

[Diamond D]
I got the flow so cold niggaz call me Chilly
Don't ever press up, fam I'll smack you silly
If I'm all out of dutches, I pack the Phillie
On my, J-O-B, I mack the millies
And I'm all about stackin my chips
Gettin dome in the back of the whips, start smackin them hips
All that slick talk'll just get you smacked in the lips
Game time, fourth quarter, back to the blitz
You can't move me, shake me, break me, make me
be somethin I'm not, niggaz wanna snake me
I'm right by Skate Key, right in the 'X
Big Diam' still writin the checks, holla at me