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Artist: Buck 65
Album:  Secret House Against the World
Song:   Le 65isme
Typed by: (with help from liner notes)

What kind of world are we living in anymore
Defile de promenade je ne sais plus de quel droit
I used to have problems, now I have many more
Sex, cinema, politique

Sit around and wait, just wait for it to happen
J'ai pris mon temps, tabou ta bouche vers la gauche
But it will never happen
Sex, cinema, politique

Sick of this shit, I'm so sick of this shit
Je realise, pluie acide, encore
You can't fire me, I quit
Sex, cinema, politique

Take a good look at yourself, you're dirty
Cafe blanc sur, le comptoir zinc noi
What will you do when they realize you're over thirty
Sex, cinema, politique

I'll teach these fuckers how to dance modern
Tango salon, apres minuit, douce France
Hold your neck stiff or whip it like a son of a bitch
Sex, cinema, politique

Xed a long time ago, I'm cursed
Basilic Chimere Republique Mythique
I got the Midas touch in reverse
Sex, cinema, politique

Hurry up, wait
Furieuse, quant tu deviens apolitique
You look good baby, maybe even too good
Sex, cinema, politique

This one's for rebels, bad-asses and mavericks
Calling all outlaws, there's no time to lose
Up off your knees now and shatter the average
Sex, cinema, politique