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Artist: Bubb C f/ Brown Boy, Fingazz
Album:  Got 2 Get It
Song:   Guy Like Me
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{Female in background}
[Fingazz] What's a good girl like you
          Want with a guy like me
          Cause I'm no good for you
          Or is it your fantasy {Yeah}
          One of them good girls (Like bad boys)
          One of them good girls (Like bad boys)
          One of them good girls (Like bad boys)
[Both]    Cause them bad boys give good lovin'

[Verse 1: Bubb C (Fingazz in background)]
Girl, she must've lost your mind
I'm bad news, but you so fine
And Bubb C not the one to be saving 'em
But baby classy as hell, I mean, she killin' 'em
A good girl, she gon' be in the club
But when it comes to men in her life, she wanted a thug (Yeah)
I don't really understand what she see in me
My lifestyle crazy, she has a good family
And she's in love
That's what she's tellin' me
I thank the Lord for a princess in beauty
Five two, thick thighs, apple bottoms and all
This Frankie B's, seven jeans, when we tear up the mall (Whoa!)
Her mama told her, "Stay away," cause I'm nothin' but trouble
But little do they know that I'm honest and humble
It's kind of crazy how you want me
I guess it's true
How them good girls want a bad boy in a white tee

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: Brown Boy (Fingazz in background)]
So you lookin' for a Superman
Well, hold up, ma, you better change those plans
Me and you, girl, we come from two different worlds
You listen to Mariah and I bump 2Pac (Hey)
You stayed in school and I ran the block
A guy like me stays on the grind
I gotta hustle hard
Just to get mine
I'm a bad boy, baby, and I do bad things
I ain't the one that'll lace you with a diamond ring
That just ain't me
I got a S on my chest, but I'm a keep it G
So tell me, baby, you still feeling me
The truth about it, baby, can you handle me
You a work of art, you a masterpiece
Would you tell me baby, what you want with me
What you want
With a guy like me

Repeat Chorus Twice

[Bubb C]           Girl, won't you let me show you how a bad boy
                   Put it down
                   Like Pac, I Get Around
[Female & Fingazz] Well, it's all to the good, goin' down
                   What you gotta do
                   That you 'bout to tell me, girl
[Bubb C]           And you know I got that good love
                   Good enough to get a good girl like you sprung
[Female & Fingazz] And I know if anything, that girl's got a
                   Be bad for me
                   Give it to me

Repeat Chorus

[Bubb C]    Yeah
            Bubb C
[Brown Boy] Brown Boy
[Bubb C]    This how we doin' it
[Brown Boy] So Radio
[Fingazz]   "Fin-fin-Fingazz on the track..."
[Brown Boy] Rock, rock on
[Bubb C]    California heartbreaker
[Brown Boy] Rock, rock on
[Bubb C]    Icebreakers
            Don't get too close