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Artist: Brown Boy f/ Zapp
Album:  Livin' Shady
Song:   Special
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[Fingazz (Zapp Troutman in background)]
You're so special (You're so special)
To me (Yeah)
And let me tell you, you're so fine (You're so fine)
I'm gonna make you mine, girl (I gotta make you mine)

Chorus: Fingazz
You're so special
And so fine
You're so special
I'm gonna make you mine, girl

Repeat Chorus

[Brown Boy (Zapp Troutman in background)]
(Verse 1)
I been waiting for a girl like you
All my life
Someone I can cherish and make my wife
Girl, here's the diamond ring
Please say "I do," cause you my everything
You my sunshine, when I wake up, you a perfect girl (Sunshine)
You don't need no makeup
Face so flawless, body of a goddess
You got the shape of an hour glass
You even turn me on with ya sexy laugh
Me plus you
Do the math
We can chill all night, take a bubblebath
Strawberries, whipped cream, if you know what I mean
Rose petals on the ground
Old school, oldies, bumpin' on the background
Girl, you got me high like I smoked a pound
I gotta thank God for the girl I found
Un chica, muy especial

Repeat Chorus Twice

(Verse 2)
I, wanna be your man
Make you understand, I will do what I can
To give you the best
I must confess
You the air in my lungs, you would helps me breathe
I'm gonna love you baby til God decides
It's time for me to leave
Until then
I'll be your lover and friend, if you should ever hurt
Just call on my name, I'll be there in a hurry (I'll be there)
To take away the pain, I would walk a million miles (Oooh, oooh)
Just to see you smile, e-mail you kisses and hugs
Cause girl we got Computer Love (Computer Love)
Let me hold you tight
A little bit tighter now
You rollin' with the rider now
You could touch me, tease me, tonight, we're gonna take it
Slow And Easy
Relax your mind, let your body be free
Girl, you're so special to me

Repeat Chorus Twice

(Verse 3)
Girl, you like my natural high
I can tell
You an angel that fell from the sky
Una monequa, tan bonita
If I gave you my heart
Would you be my senorita?
I know these other guys
Dropping these lines
So I had to figure out a way to make you mine
They say that hookups take time, so I'm a take my time
I would wait a million years just to kiss your lips
Tell me when you're ready, we can take a trip
Anyplace, anywhere that you wanna go
All you gotta do is let me know (Is let me know)
With the snap of a finger {*snap*}
And baby, we're there (Baby, we're there)
I just wanna show you how much I care
I could show you happiness you never felt before
And give you pleasure you never felt before
Damn baby doll, you just such a score

Repeat Chorus Til Fade