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Artist: The Brothahood
Album:  Lyrics of Mass Construction
Song:   Why
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Why must I explain myself
If something bad happened should i blame myself
Why why why why why X 3
These are the questions that always fill my mind
Why Why x 2

Now if a wake up one morning and grow myself a beard
People start talking and getting themselves scared
But - Mr. Goldberg, he lives down the block
When he grows a beard no-one ever gets a shock
Why when my sister walks properly dressed
She wears a headscarf they think she's oppressed?
Then you got the nuns dressed in black and white head to toe
No-one questions them - why? - I don't know...

Why why why why why why? x3
These are the questions that always fill my mind

Why when something blows up on the TV
People look at me as if it was my family
Why must I always attack what they're feeding you
Why you asking me? You should start reading ya
Am I a walking talking Encyclopedia?
I think not so turn off that media
Why is it that we argue all the time?
Should be unified - VIVA LA PALESTINE
Why do Sunni Shia - never adhere?
They have differences but similarities are clear

Why why why why why why? x2

Why is it so damn hard to show your teeth?
Smile when its hard that's what our Prophet teach
Why do we visit our brother and try to preach?
But when fajr comes around we we dead sound asleep
Why all my people got angry looking faces?
Bad energy rubs off - it's contagious
Why do people confuse Allah and God?
They mean the same thing - Allah hu Akbar!

Why are we accused of beating our women?
It ain't in our tradition nor in our religion
We are the best if we are best to our wives
That's our Prophet said and he ain't never told a lie
Makes me wonder why...makes wonder why, why, why, why


Why does culture always blur our sights
We know that it alone won't lead to paradise
Yes, I know, they work hand in hand
But why can't we just seem to understand...

Why don't we ever have just one single leader?
For hundreds of years we followed the Khalifa
Now what we got to do is follow our teacher
It's sad for me to say but a lot of us have neither...

Why do people think a Muslim Woman can't be occupied?
If my wife wants to work I'm right by her side
The prophets wife, she worked all the time
Ain't no lie makes me wonder why, why, why, why, why
Why am i constantly stereotyped?
Why when you sleep you keep on the night light?
Why do you think we going to creep on you in the night?
You got more chance from dying from excessive fright

Why do you feel that you got to change your name?
Why, Why, Why, Why
Why do we get caught all up in the game?
Why, Why, Why, Why
Why do we accept media's lies?