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Artist: The Brothahood
Album:  Lyrics of Mass Construction
Song:   Taking Charge
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Growing up, getting older and older
No longer a kid, now I'm a true soldier
"I told you"
Is what they keep saying
Time to be man son, no more playing
Don't know what to do with life
Now I'm out of high-school
Want to act a fool
No more school, no more rules
No, see I want to go to college
Like Rasool said, 'seek out the knowledge'
I made up my mind; I want to take charge
Live and breathe deen, even make Hajj

Just because we're young doesn't mean we're dumb
Some pick up books, others pick up guns
I'm telling you now, we're the next generation
Following the very best of Allah's creation
Enough contemplation, enough time wasting
Were just passing through, this is just a station
No hesitation - my occupation
It ain't money chasing
My morals based in the realms of Islam
This world is crazy man
I want to relax in the desert sand
Nobody around, just me and my Iman
Me and my Iman...

[Chorus] x2
Rise to the top, climb don't drop
Rise to the top you don't let that sky stop X2

[Hamza Yusuf]
'..The Question is not whether Islam can embrace Democracy, the
question is, can democracy embrace Islam..'

Itís time to rise up and take matters in our hands
Time to take the people to the path of Iman - Slam!
Up in my business all the time
Rhyme after rhyme, critics all up in my spine
Want to speak my mind; like free Palestine
Bring world peace and watch the sun shine
So hear me one more time; I'm going to make it last
Be steadfast, keep going with the task
Akhee chin up no more living in the past.

Got to rep the deen so my soul is at ease
Freeze, Geez, bow down to your knees
We will be asked for the wrongs that we have done
But we got to make sure that we do it for the One
No time for fun, no run, get out of this phase
It's time for us to bottle up that rage - Caged!
The book turns the next page
There's a sunny day after the rainy stage

[Chorus] x4

Rise to your full potential
If you make a commitment, stick to it
Stick to your word
We're ambassadors, flag bearers
Times are tough, but we have to be strong
Hold your head up
Make sure your intentions are pure
Because your actions will depend on