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Artist: The Brothahood
Album:  Lyrics of Mass Construction
Song:   Takbir
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The Brothahood...'Takbiir'
One Love...One God...yeah

Jehad from The Brothahood, not any other hood
Loving the believers from my home to Bollywood
Use my intuition and seize the day
You need to backup for what I'm about to say
Get out of strife, into life go with the flow
Lace these tracks; lay it low, cool and mellow
At ease with the way I go nice and slow
Back up from my flow, hands up TAKBIR and whoa

Question what is life, it's time to reflect
The soul I neglect, time wasting to perfect
Is that all it is there's got to be more
So much in your life that you got to explore
Keep my eyes open, mind open for a sign
Time to rise and shine yo, I got to get mine
Keep on rolling and stand up tall

[Chorus] x2
Put your hands up in the air and say Takbir
'Takbir' - Yo I like that cheer

Trip hip-hop, yo don't stop
Brothahood's lyrics are about to drop
Nod to the beat, bringing in the heat
Taking you for a ride in the big seat

It's Hesh like a breeze in your spot at ease
Smooth like rhymes, this is how I tease
Laid back style, cool but wild slow and mild
Live it up a notch, go the extra mile
It ain't all about fame or your glory story
There's more in this rhyme than word inventory
Go and live, show and tell, save your dough, yo you know
Live low, time to grow, I know you dig my little flow

I'm telling you now, stand up tall
Can you hear the phone man accept the call
Don't be pushed around and say yup yup
Patience is a virtue man you need to stand up
Attention! To what I got to say
The Brothahood lock it down, from here to Bombay
Keep your eyes on the prize, settle down and chill
Double A out, from this lyrical kill

[Chorus] x2