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Artist: The Brothahood
Album:  Lyrics of Mass Construction
Song:   The Silent Truth
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Uh... Yeah man
I'm feeling this Byron
The silent truth man... racism everywhere man
Cronulla riots...

I can feel your eyes on me but I ain't in the wrong
Keeping to yourself scared that my beard hides a bomb
Tensions climbing higher than that ape King Kong
Label me a thug because I'm from Lebanon
But you're wrong... 

I'm like any other Aussie
I Try to ride a train but you always got to stop me
Because of 9/11 now you all want to drop me
Little do you know that your thinking is kind of sloppy..

Now watch me, but you don't know my next move
Thinking I'm going to blow you up, this ain't a cartoon
You need to back up and give a brother room
Breathing down my neck waiting for the next boom

Mr. smartass talking racist on my back
Can't build the courage to speak his mind where I'm at
Views need reforming, I'm sick of talking
Ignorance got the whole nation up and roaring
Now were calling to all our dedicated Nas
Let's show Australia that we can have a blast
Not blowing up, because that's what you thought
But we're blowing up because I'm speaking from my heart now

Brothahood is what this nation needs
Four young bloods to lift up the self esteems
Four young bloods to aspire to their dreams
The Brothahood is what we need

Passing time and we're still walking circles
Born and raised here yet I still face hurdles
My skin's a little brown and my name ain't Shane
Because  I'm a little different u calling me insane?

From beer I refrain, prayers I maintain
I can't get on a plane without coping all the blame
People can't you see that we're are all the same
Children of Adam but we're playing the blame game
It's a shame... 

And that's the damn well truth
If I hear another word I'm going to cut your ass loose
News got you scared that I'm going to knock out your tooth
So gullible, you believe in mother goose - How cute
But that doesn't make it right
Australia is mine too so I'm going to put up a fight
You want to send me back?

Yo - send me back where?

Australia is the place where I let down my hair

You don't care, but that's in your nature
To find an excuse they can to rate and then hate you
Looking back in time it's a game who to blame
If only the mouth moved with caution, and less shame
I'm a peaceful kind of guy, man sit with us
Hating on me because television got you brainwashed
Pick up a book and educate your mind
And next time you see me we'll greet with Salaams

Bo brother Bo Brother Bo Brothahood X2

Peace be upon him, peace be upon you
Black yellow white or blue
I'm a man understand I respect you
Can't tell the difference I'm human too
Let me make it easy here's  one and two
Add two more and now you've got four
It's The Brothahood we want to hear you roar

Bo Brother Bo Bo Brotha hood  x2


I won't blindly listen, give in, or be driven
But I will make sure that I be forgiven
Because  I open up my mind and I realise
That behind these lines what's a truth from a lie

I'm a freedom fighter and a poem writer
I rhyme tighter because I'm a Quran reciter
It's The Brothahood, we repping deen with rhythm
If you ain't feeling it then that's your decision

My third verse, no time to rehearse
I immerse from here to Perth while protecting my turf
My heart bursts with anger and passion at the same time
I love my deen like dead hearts like to waste time
All I ask is that we're all treated equally
And that my name won't make you scared to speak to me

To everybody here we all look different
Who cares what people say, these are gods finger prints
Look at me, from my head to my toe
I've got a beard and a cap and I still flow
If you want to call me words I don't care
If u want to know me, I don't mind your stare but... 

[Moustafa & Ahmed]
Let me tell you - I drop bombs that consist of massive rhythms
Let me tell you - you can't touch my rhymes without heat mittens
Let me tell you  I've been rhyming kid since you were in the womb
I used to watch the news while you were watching Loony Toons

Greasy hoons, that's what they like to call us
We want to speak our minds but they just ignore us
Frustration building and they asking what's the fuss
They make me want to cuss, and cause ruckus,
They make me want to bust and try to earn my trust
I want to be just live life righteous
So I ease my mind, man call the chorus

[Bridge] x2

[Chorus] x2