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Artist: The Brothahood
Album:  Lyrics of Mass Construction
Song:   Once Upon a Year
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[Chorus] x2
I know, you know, He knows
I know, you know, He knows
I know, you know, He knows
Ramadan, Ramadan Repel the Shaitan

The sighting of a new moon a time to redeem
Start of Bismilla al rahman al raheem
It's finally here, 30 holy days of blessing
No food or drink it's a fundamental lesson

Fast all day, every day, until the sun drops
Looking more than once and gossip got to stop
But not everybody's situation is the same
Let's take a look at some people in the game..

At the age of 17, Ali's living large
Now it's Ramadan and he can be in charge
He's pulling up his socks when the blessed month is here
Not practicing much but he notches up a gear
Clear in his niyyah and he's trying to be sincere
Rolling with Allah in his heart he has fear
Sitting in his room, immersed in the Quran
He needs an Alibi to repel the shaitaan

[Chorus] x2

Maryam, she's only 14 years old
Lord bless her soul because it's made out of gold
She's had it hard in her years,
With a life full of tears,
She wants to fast in Ramadan but she's got some fears,
Her mother and father have problems with identity
She wants to live Islam but they won't let her, see,
She's all on her own, fasting all alone,
Sister, stay strong because we're with you all along

[Chorus] x2

Another day another fast another job well done,
He wants the praise but doesn't care about the One,
Beard to the floor but not worried of his state,
He thinks he's going straight up to Heaven's gate,
He's got a virus in his heart, phased none the less,
He thinks he's the best but this is his test
Stabbing people in the back, no-one sees he's got a mask
Hypocritical, what's happened to his fast

[Chorus] x2


These are the stories of three different Muslims
Having their own struggles
Could be anywhere from the food you eat,
To the haraam of your eyes and your mouth
You just got to respect whatever everyone else does
It could be anything; the best you can do is pray for yourself and
pray for others
Because in the end, that's what matters and that's how you will be successful
Getting the pleasure of Allah (swt)
The Brothahood, 1429
All Praises due to Allah