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Artist: The Brothahood
Album:  Lyrics of Mass Construction
Song:   Needless to Say
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J to the E to the...
J to the E to the..[Coughs]...let me clear my throat man..relax relax
Hey Timur man put the speakers closer to the people, bring it all
closer, gather round,
Ok, here we go...check it out, check  it out...

J to the E to the H A D
It's only my name not war on your country
Get your facts right before you start spreading
Jihad is a struggle in the direction I'm heading
I ain't no sheik I ain't here to preach,
I'm far from perfect I ain't trying to teach,
Just give me a chance, let me say what's in my head
Don't bring me down just because of what I said

They say freedom of speech but they're all corrupt,
When I speak my views they want to shut me up
Tell me Mr. President what have you got to hide?
Come out and show the world what you're really like
Peace, Peace, Peace is what you constantly claim
All the violence in this world you're to blame
As the poor are getting poor, the rich are getting rich
How many governments will fall into their trick?
Flip the script on the way to Baghdad like a GI-JO
Bed time story dead kids for your show

[Chorus - Jehad]
Australia… Is where we're born and raised
Islam is our religion and Allah we praise
As Lebanese blood runs through my veins
I'm ripping up the rhymes like a hurricane

Not perfect myself, got to improve my health
My money and wealth just put them on the shelf
Am I afraid of the west? Follow Sunna to my best
Is this life is a test? A constant quest until I rest
Around the globe my peoples blood is spilling
Georgie claims to be defending but he's doing all the killing
Plotting, scheming, contemplating on a plan
Trying to destroy what he doesn't understand

Throw on your thinking cap and lace up your boots
Were four-psyched brothers and we're ready to shoot
No missiles, guns or even live ammunition
For the bullets that I use all you got to do is listen
This ain't a protest or a battle contest
I'm doing my best to get these feelings off my chest
We're lyrical Muslims, any problems with that?
We're just doing our thing so get off our back

[Chorus - Hesh]

When I talk about my deen what do u remember?
Explosions? Without no Surrender?
Lebanese Gang Rapes up in Lakemba?
Or New York 11th of September?
The world just hates becausee they're looking at minorities
There's bad apples in every Society
Bush administration, and the KKK
Zionists, Hitler and People slanging yay

Listen to our message, hope it comes along clear
What The Brothahood are saying may cause a little fear
If by any chance we did happen to offend
Forgive us for the sake of Allah my friend

[Chorus - Moustafa]