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Artist: The Brothahood
Album:  Lyrics of Mass Construction
Song:   Light Upon Light
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Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem
Ya nabi salamu alaika Rahmatulil Alaameen

This song's about the love of my life
Not the kind of love between a husband and wife
Not the kind of love between a son and his mother
This is the love felt by the true lover
Ahmed Mustafa Muhammad al-Amin
The true definition of Siraatil al-Mustaqeem
If I fall asleep please visit in my dream
Wake me up, take my hand, and I hope you intervene

I wish I was around in the time of the Sahaba
Warm Mecca nights kicking back with Abu Bakr
Sitting with the Messenger right in front of Ka'aba
Kiss your hand man life couldn't get no larger just got a head spin
Thinking how it might be to meet one of your kin
Ali, Fatima, Hasan or Husayn
If I met them man I wonder what I'd say..

Peace and Blessings on Al-Amin
Be there for us on Siraat al-Mustaqeem
Peace and Blessings on Mustafa
Pray for us to feel the way to Allah

[Chorus - Timur] x2
Sallahu alayhi wa salam
Peace and Blessings be upon him
Sallahi alaa Muhammad
Ya Mu'Allim

Starlight star bright, shining armored knight
You're the hand when I fall, the spark to ignite
You're my light at night, my strength when I'm weak
My heart and my soul, the knowledge when I seek
Yaa nur al Ayn, the greatest man, I know its love
Swelling tears, my heart is weak am I beloved
Wish you were here by my side to see you
Ya Habib, I'm lost without you

An unlettered man in the realm of a poet's game
Devine poetic words through your tongue put them all to shame
I love the prophet because I learned about your wisdom,
He loved me back but before I was existent
Without you the creation ain't worthwhile
I'd put my life in my hand just to see you smile	

Peace and Blessings on Habibullah
Pray for us to attain the pleasure of Allah	

[Chorus] x2

Shivering now, cold tears running down
Ya RasoolAllah we need you right now
Like a bright light in the night to guide us through
The way you live your life is what I cling to
On the day you will say come with me,
Each to their own but you will say Ummati
Balanced everything in your life for us all to see
Is my talk cheap... would I cry if you were next to me?

Ya Muhammad Ya RasoolAllah
Ya Mu'alim, Ya Habibullah

[Chorus] x2

Salalllahu Alayhi wasalaam

Say it again and again and again x4