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Artist: The Brothahood
Album:  Lyrics of Mass Construction
Song:   Journey Within
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In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Merciful…

Sleepwalking in a world that's so cold
Don't know where to turn
Right turn, left turn, I yearn for some sort of guidance
Confusing flusters bounce in my throbbing mind
Where can I find a guide to take my hand?
Lead me in the way of the perfect creation
He, who is guaranteed paradise but still weeps
Standing long in the night with hurt feet
Our blood at the moment is dirt cheap
Spilling on the land, spilling on the sand
Where is my iman?
Please, take me by the hand wake me from this sleep
Convert this solid rock inside my chest
Lacking purity and softness
I need a rest from this busy world to find myself
Forget my wealth, my spiritual health, it needs some help
Where are you?
I need some help before I'm judged
I need to help myself get help
Because the lazy beast which is myself
Lacks motivation..lacks the patience..lacks instigation
Where do I look? Or will he find me?
I want be at the Lote tree.. Don't walk past
Try to fast so I can build up inventory
But where's my sincerity?
Now that…that's a different story
The words that travel through my vocal chords to my tongue to articulate
Then transmitted to the listeners in a different state
We hope. We hope and we pray that we form a pathway
That links us in this world and the next
So that we can help each other, as a sister or brother
Am I up for the glory and the fame?
No.. I just want my name to be mentioned
Don't want to be questioned
I want his pleasure but want to live forever
Nervous to meet my creator
I feel like a traitor
Will he be pleased or disappointed in my behavior?
I don't know...
Why do we act how we do?
Diseases of the soul, the heart
Is sensitive to all that it surrounds
Vulnerable to smell sight and sound
Yet we throw ourselves into places where the receiver
The qalb finds discontent
discontent and we don't repent
blackening, and slowly killing its will to be content
The cure is remembrance…
Which will recompense in a way that we can't comprehend...
Ya Rab, make us of those who you are pleased with
A gift which lives not in the mist but in a life of reality
Please Allah accept our prayers, accept our du'aa and our  charity

Truly yours..
The Brothahood