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Artist: The Brothahood
Album:  Lyrics of Mass Construction
Song:   Guilty Conscience
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My brothers...x4

If I told you now what you don't want to hear my brother...[My brother]
Don't turn your back on me it's black and white it's clear [My brother]

Guilty Conscience, whispers everyday
Man you got to change, okay next day
Same game same way same time you pray
Same shaitaan playing games leading you astray
Listen to me, listen carefully
Control your mind and let this flow be
Because this story is a true reality
About my enemy, getting the best of me
Taking my soul for free, using my eyes to see

So hit the beat, close your eyes and count to three
One, one, one to two to two three
Let me introduce my true identity
My life, builds up intensity

This life's lies and deception, now pay attention
And let me mention, Where does it part?
Dark is my heart, this is my life, and it's no greeting card
It's the truth about me that makes my life hard

I don't deserve to be placed on this earth
I'm 23 years old, and what am I worth?
Even since birth been a bad little brat
Taking life for granted just like that
Matter-of-fact, can't even keep my prayers intact

Need to step back man
Need to stand tall
Need to maintain, gain self control
It's from Allah
It's a test right now you're in the front row
Pack your bags; because, - you got to go got to go

We want to have; we want to have clean hearts
We want to shine; we want to shine like the stars
We want to have; we want to have a sound soul
I don't want to be like this no more.

Keep falling, falling
Keep falling stalling

Keep falling down every time I aim high
Losing my faith every time try
Sometimes I'm confused I feel want to cry
Possessed by my sins and I wonder why?
Do this do that but I don't really care
Living life like my parents ain't there
Coming back, with guilt in my heart
Lying to myself when my life falls part
Treating them like they're beneath me
like I think they need me believe me
Once they know who I am they'll leave me

Can't bear, Cant smile, don't care
Angry heart because my brain isn't there
Giving in because nafs isn't fair
Heart in agony, man in despair
Living life double standards you know
Hypocritical and my sins just grow
Self conscious slowly gone now dead
Need to choose a path, need to get ahead
Need to choose a path man need not neglect
Turn to the light need not regret
Can't bear, Can't smile, don't care

My parents, My parents, My parents...

My parents gave me everything in their power
But I can't even sacrifice them an hour
Can't maintain the raging beast inside
Waiting for the high tides Iman starts to slide

Iman starts to slide...[Whispers]

My heart was hard can't give or take
Stubborn as a mule head hard to break
Can't hear a word not drive just lazy
I'm grown man still I feel like a baby
Angry at myself, emotionally a mess
Shaitaans got me down man pumping on my chest
Sometimes things in life are not meant to be
Give yourself up now, set yourself free
To Allah your a slave, to man be brave
Weak hearts in chains only suffer in their grave

Keep falling falling
Keep falling stalling

When I sin each day then I ask for forgiveness
I know in due time my limbs will bear witness
It's all in my head and I'm going insane
Do I stay the same and turn in my head down in shame
I know that cold blood, runs all throughout my veins
And I will die young if I don't control the reins
In life, I strive to be an achiever
Hope I die strong as a true believer
Hope I can change before it's too late
I hope you can relate because you can't stop fate

One two, one two, three four
It's the angel of death knocking at your door
Five, six, seven, eight
It's time for your soul to rejuvenate

Need to make a choice man live or die x3
Need to make a choice man sleep or try x3
Live for the truth die for the shame
Remember my name, my blame, I claim