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Artist: The Brothahood
Album:  Lyrics of Mass Construction
Song:   Friend or Foe
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I look deep deep deep into my soul

I've known this guy man, we were best friends..
Since we were kids...always hanging out
Me and him, we did everything together
But, he was corrupting me man...
I had to distance myself
It was for the best..
Yeah....this is my story

I've known this brother from way back in my past
We were best friends but our friendship couldn't last
Time went fast do the math but on him I can't assume
I met this brother straight out my mother's womb
Only toddlers but we were partners in crime
One thing was on our mind, what's the time, time to dine, check my rhyme
Taught me to be selfish in my ways
'take care of yourself kid, sharing don't pay'
We were tight son, me and him stirring up a muck
We would play Super NES until we ran out of luck

[Timur and G]
Try to duck out of mammas way when she call to pray
I would make salat but he always make me stay away

He never ever, ever, ever really want to pray at all
Always drags his feet on the way to prayer hall
Oh no, now we're thirteen ya'll
Hormones going crazy like the fans at the football
Nice girls walking past, down drop my jaw
The first look's okay but he makes me look once more
Appetite bright, know what's wrong and right
Got me sinning in the day and repenting in the night
Why fight, in my heart I feel a hole
So I take a deep deep deep look into my soul...

Yeah...Look into my soul because I got to take control now..

[Chorus – Timur] x2
I look deep deep deep into my soul
I look deeper and try to take control
Even though I'm doing wrong
I know I should be doing right
Held back tight from the struggles that I fight

Now we're 21 and we're living our life fast
I make all the money while he spends all the cash
Versace, Rolex, Dolce & Gabana
I try to settle down but he just don't want to
He tells me every day that my life is way too short
Indulge a little bit and forget what you've been taught
Now I'm caught because his influence is way too strong
At times we go against the teachings of glorious Quran
He tells me it's OK and that we can repent
But how can I repent when I hold this much resent
Heaven sent, mind is bent, while I'm thinking of the rent
He's spending all my dough without leaving me a cent

Laziness is our lifestyle
Except when we're on a prowl
Driving many miles for a reason to go buck-wild
Stop at a red-light, to my right, pretty girl in sight
Now my friend becomes the very definition of excite
Starts with a smile, is it worthwhile?
Could it be a trial, in the meanwhile
Drooling like a child, first looks allowed
But I'm way over the toll
Lord please forgive me coz I know we're on parole
Light goes green then I finally take control
I keep my eyes on the road and I look into my soul..

[Chorus] x2

Yeah he's my best friend but holds traits of the enemy
Don't know if he's on my side or trying to get the best of me
Respectfully, that's right I love him like my brother
But sometimes you got to keep your distance from each other
Keep your friends close but keep your enemies even closer
He's shredding up my soul and I know that he's supposed to
Submit! I control this relationship!
When I say sit, you sit, Snitch!!

Had to drag him by his collar to a Muslim class
The whole way there making excuses so he can take a pass
We sat through the lecture not a word come out his mouth
Sheikh seen him from the front and told him to get out
“Get out of this lecture, come back when you are pure
Corrupting this man's heart and taking him to the sewer
Some endure but you won't take this poor soul for a stroll
Young brother take a deep deep look into your soul”

[Chorus] x2

He was very well known by the people in the streets
So popular the people made a nickname called him 'beast'
He loved all the praise the fame and the attention
Getting so excited when he hears his own name mentioned
Me and him, you can't separate apart
But I feel like he's clenching and squeezing on my heart
I made my decision I can't treat him like a friend
Can't sleepwalk anymore, it's time to take revenge
For food, sleep and water he constantly relies on me
Cut off his supply as a war utility
Strategy supplied, by those who are wise
Don't want to cut my ties
Don't want to see no coal
Don't want to enter fire because I know it's going to scold
Don't want to cut him off but I got to be straight cold
Don't want to but excuse me while I look into my soul....


Look into my soul, Look into my soul man..!

[Chorus] x2

I finally found some time to reflect upon myself
I looked deep into my soul and I found my lower-self
My NAFS - EGO, so-called friend who drags me back
He's with me right now as I'm writing down this rap
There's only 5 minutes left of Maghrib salaat
Control and combat, that enemy inside
Pretends to be your friend with shaitaan on his side
He's with me and you every place that we may go
That's why it's so important to look into your soul...