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Artist: Brooklyn Zu f/ Ol' Dirty Bastard, Zu Ninjaz
Album:  Tribute (Single)
Song:   Tribute (Dedication to ODB)
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Ol' Dirty Bastard]
I tell you, right, right, right, in ya muthafuckin' face
Muthafucka, you know, well, you know muthafuckin' well
When -- we don't play that shit, or, I don't play that shit
That's just Wu-Tang, you know, I'm the nigga
That -- that, give it to ya raw
When I said "first thing first, man, you fucking with the worst
I be sticking pins ya head, like a fucking nurse
I'll attack any nigga who slack in his mack
Come fully packed with the fat rugged stack
Shame on you, when you step through to
The Ol' Dirty Bastard straight from the Brooklyn Zu"
I'm telling you this shit, because muthafucka
I want -- I want to be able to control that shit that I say
Ya'll muthafuckas know when Wu-Tang come through
That anything is bound to happen, muthafucka
Cuz Osirus said so, don't Osirus say so?
When Osirus -- hcckkk.. huh, uh-huh-heah!
When Osirus "say so", you say "yeah"
"Say so" (Yeah!) Alright my muthafucking niggas...

[Chorus 2X: samples]
"Give me the mic, so I could take it away" - ODB
"The combination made my eyes bleed" - Raekwon
"Give me the mic, so I could take it away" - ODB
"Take it away, take it away, take it away" - ODB
"Take it away, take it away" - ODB

[12 O'Clock]
Hut one, hut two, hut three, hut
Ol' Dirty Bastard, live and uncut
Styles unbreakable, shatterproof
To the young youth, you wanna get gun? Shoot
BLAOW!  How you like me now?
Don't trust the style, ruthless wild
Do you wanna getcha teeth knocked the fuck out?
Wanna be on it, like that, well then shout

[Buddha Monk]
Hoooooooo, ho-oh-ohhhhhhhh
Ha-oh-aooooooooooooo, ho-oh-ohhhhhhhh
Here I go, with this deep type flow
Jacque Cousteau, could never get this low.. I'm
Cherry bombing shit, zoom
Just warmin' up a little bit, vroom-a-zoom, hah
Rappin'in, is what's happenin'
Keep your pockets stacked and then, hands clappin' and
At the party when I move my body
Gotta get up, and be-eeeee somebody

[Shorty Shitstain]
I'm the one-man army, Ason
I've never been tooken out, I keep MC's lookin' out
I drop science, like girls be droppin babies
Enough to make a nigga go cra-a-azy
Energy buildin', taking all type of medicines
Your ass thought you was better than
Ason, I keep planets in orbit
While I be calming with deeper and more shit

[Raison the Zoo Keeper]
Me and Mariah, go back, like babies and pacifiers
Ol' Dirt Dog no liar, keep your fantasy hot like fire
Jump jump!

[Chorus 2X]

Little lady, tell me why, tell me so
I ask you to go high, you tell me to go low
So I go low --- taste the shit
--- Taste it again, I like it
I'm the original G-O-D
Making young ladies scream's my specialty
When I go DUN DUN DUN DUH, girls get hype
From my funky freestyle that was stereotyped

[5 Foot Hyper Sniper]
Wu-Tang Killa Beez on the Swarm
Rain on your college ass, disco dorm
For you to even touch my skill
You gotta go through one Killa Bee, and we aim for the kill
Chop that down, pass it all around
Lyrics get hard, quick cement to the ground
For any MC, in 52 states,
I gets psycho, killer Norman Bates

I always thought that livin life was easy
Go to school, get a job, yo it couldn't be me
So instead, I played my bed
My momma got fed, and now a nigga living with a dread
My best fuckin friend, knew him since ten
Nigga feed me, CREAM, let me whip the Benz
Houses all over Texas, white & gold Lexus
He had enough respect to dress this
Expensive Timb boots, girl wearing fly Gucci suits
Put me on like "whoo!"

[Popa Chief]
I'll grab the mic and I'll damage ya, crush your whole stamina
Here comes the medical examiner
One verse, and you're out for the count
Bring the ammonia make sure, he sniffs the right amount
Wake him up and the ask him
Why did he intend this, competition
To get an ass kickin' so tremendous

[Chorus 2X]

Yo Dirty, yo, Unique, yo, Ason
Yo, Big Baby Jesus, Osirus, nigga
Word up, youknowhatimsayin'?
We miss you, my nigga, word baby
But your legacy will live on, youknowhatimsayin'?
We your niggas, and we right here
Brooklyn Zu, forever, we killing this shit
Forever, nigga, for you, word up
Brooklyn Zu! Like, that's all I'm gonna say, word up
Peace, rest in peace, my nigga...