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Artist: Brooklyn Zu f/ Chi-King
Album:  God Bless the Child (S)
Song:   God Bless the Child
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Chi-King]
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo

They can't take him out his Wu-Tang wallabies
I 'Raze Hell' like a Black Market Maccabee
Sharp sword with a deep incision
Art of War, Cra-Z 88, physique physicians
Build or destroy, ready to ploy, the Real McCoy
God, stay chunky like the Chips A'Hoy
I'm, wax offa water, how we stiff the wood
Huh, be best to block rock, then cook the words
It's all we do in BK, get aired the fuck out
On Broadway in broad day, prepare and come violently
We moving audio, we do this the God way
Let's do the math before you catch it the hard way
You know what time it is, 12 O'Clock on the dot
Brooklyn Zu is clappin' up, glaze off the block
Report to bridge, knowing always
Buddha Monk, Shorty Shitstain, Merdoc and Raison
Rest in peace to Ol' Dirty, forever you lives on
Uh, forever you lives on

[Raison the Zoo Keeper]
You best to honor Zoo Keeper from the Brooklyn section
Bedstuy, do or die, I gots to mention
Osirus, busting that ass, king of the underworld
Killa Bee Gang, nigga, we run this shit
I just can't stop, keeping it all in together now
We getting paid, getting dressed for the weather, now

[Chorus 2X: 12 O'Clock]
God bless the child that holds his own
That's why we, work hard, and we stay in the zone
And plus we, shoot bullets that'll follow you home
And we don't, fuck with babies, only women that's grown

I make my own play, I'm King Murdy the Great
It's been a long way, but shit is fallin' in place
I'm in my Cuffie zone, and my mind is my home
Puff a skelly bone, and ain't nothing that your wrong
You just crumby, sonny, and we too can lay lovely
Niggas is thoroughbred, ya'll clear to duck from me
Ya'll go for big guns, for my life long sons
They say we chose to run, hungry hearts, and blow the spot, run
Love no limit, word is bond, we bout to get it
I see street degrees, niggas freeze and they can have it
Thought you had it...

[Shorty Shitstain]
What ya'll thought, crazy Cuffie's wasn't stink?
Because we getting steak, ya'll should of came to the cookout
So niggas better look out, cuz we about to put it out
A whole bunch of hit, niggas stinking up your area
Don't fear, it be the Brooklyn Zu here
What ya'll thought, what ya'll thought it couldn't happen this year?
Yo, I'm locking shit down, like barbwires in warpens
Inverted my commission, at the age of ten
So get that cotton ass mouth away from the fabric
You don't want no static, nigga, I master this
Let them Brooklyn Zu niggas go first
So I can bust and burst, lay the niggas down in the dirt

[Chorus 2X]