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Artist: Bronze Nazareth f/ Kevlaar 7
Album:  The Unknown
Song:   The Last Cry
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

"Prophecy is a form of revelation"

"We ain't talk about Armageddon, we talking about the future mothafucka"

(Hook) w/ *Tornado horn
Look! Listen! Kneel! Pray!
Look! Listen! Kneel! Pray!
Look! Listen! Kneel! Pray!
Look! Listen! Kneel! Pray!

[Kevlaar 7]
Yo, yo, millennium to tear, watch out now the pendulum's frail
21st century gotten stale, studying advancement and the masses will prevail
Pentium, cranium with the dim glow
Holding the gat and the claw-hammer starring outta my window
Anticipation, ransacking your brain stem
With no consideration for the divine creation
Hand held scanners and micro sized cameras
Transit the lipitor with cryptic Y2K
Hip-Hop quotable blitzer, fuck Unsigned Hype
Unknown is a silent type
Seven-hundred pound fist on an internal damnation night
You scared? Infrared beams from the retina
Exposing the future, Unknown 'til the year 5000
Relaxing on digital desert Island

(Hook) w/ *Tornado horn

[Bronze Nazareth]
Yo, blown to the biological, departed clues of a molecule
Atomic power involved those who refuse to follow code
It's something you can't control; they blow a hole through your module
Futuristic rippling linguistic, we raid your mind wit' it
Music violent wish it for life, it's 2000
If Armageddon is trife, I'll launch my spears from this canvas
Hit flames, ignite, booming this index, bite to the extreme
Apple, radish, control the masses, new found bastards
Assetsí for masters, we stomp mud holes in people's asses
Get blast past this cosmos
We're fucking detonating like C-4 explosives
Unknown corrosives, meet with an extraterrestrial hostess
Souls get picked from the tar, extra shooting star blazing me
Every time I look extreme, violent bullets start grazing me
Making me immune to all cocoon physical forces
We torched this, survived this by oxygen in loses
I've lived with a holy Puritan, so I'm slaughtering the wicked
Though he lived with it, this untraceable parable is evident
To assassinate the President with laser beam glock severe the regiment
Malnutrition while sucking milk from the chest of intuition
Holy seekers know my law but we reside in your pendulum
Wisdom and sin, nation will show where son at, the industry will come

(Hook) w/ *Tornado horn