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Artist: Bronze Nazareth f/ Kevlaar 7
Album:  The Unknown
Song:   Immovable
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(News report sample)
"The Unknown, The Unknown"

"The search is on, four suspects, on Grand Rapids Southeast side"

"So far, police have no motive or no suspects"

"Grand Rapids police are looking for the people responsible"

"This debate is the realm of The Unknown"

"Who's The Unknown out here? Immovable
Mothafuckas ain't moving wit us
It's mothafucking impossible to stop, impossible to drop
Mothafuckas just don't know"

(Intro) Bronze
Yeah, Half 50 T, what? Yo, 50-50
The stone statues holding axes, The Unknown
Michigan son

[Bronze Nazareth]
Outta Grand Rapids comes to happen, bullet's flying map
Through the trenches of Michigan atlas
Inside lives are caught in the ashes, that thrashes the soul plexus
Impossible to change directors, mission one: cause with no ex
Hexes with cloud strokes some lingering enmeshment
In honorable pantomimes sublime sign of the times
Immovable paradigm even in trail of rhyme
Information just for your brain stem
Above the Mason, aimlessly penetrating no awaiting inauguration
Collide with your skull making, more sparks then mufflers scraping
Be hit with the fury of fifty-one souls
Dragging niggas on my heat every time the guns blows
I wonder how many think they can budge metal thunders
Standing under; acid rain, my grain's on the tundra
You'll become part of this submerge bullet surge
Now adult, metallic herb in the air, that's my word
Try to block it with your hands weak, fly through the flanges
Get blast off the trailer B, part of the understanding
Cramming more powder in my limitless shells
So I'll be louder than Hell, making my vessel impair
Diaphragm muscle inhale, come, choose life or death
Choose ignorance or wisdom through my travel health
Fine dirt or find clouds, whom I hit it shall enshroud
With the forces of snow plows, and to scare a pit growls
I won't budge or slow with absolute striking ability
And tranquility can't stop a bullet named 'Destiny'

[Kevlaar 7]
I'm the silencer singular, the plural, air canal destroyer
Frequencies swirl and run drums and curls
Unfurls into micro sized cop your eyes
With plastics tight hugging the outsides
Fifteen inches of decibel
Residue injected into near by air molecules
Organize the first electrodes inside
Revise the flow of vet, direct current
Foam cone is the Merchant, oxygen disburse it
I violently jump up and down
Rims of sound waves surround Heaven bound
If he must fear it, if flanges don't come near it
Shatter Airborne's to three zones, meticulously subwoofer will blown
Thrown above me, a small black Cyclone
One dry, sound wave, Hurricane, twice grown
Two more legs, it double in size, acoustics boost it
Your sense of hearing un-looped it, your ears is in trouble
Current flow double, Immovable, powerful crush grooving you
Yeah! Immovable!

(Outro) Bronze
See you don't even understand this right here
Immovable that mean the Unknown we ain't gon' nowhere
Both stone statue standing straight up
Ain't gon' nowhere, you check my verse, do the knowledge on that
This means I'm a bullet in Hip-Hop
I'm dragging everybody wit me, niggas ain't serious
They getting dropped off, I'm flying through

(Outro) Kevlaar
Word! You mothafuckas gotta get that knowledge
See check the rhyme, I'ma speaker killing everybody
Going back through time, Hip-Hop that is
'77 and '79, you mothafuckas better get serious
Its new thousand year period

(Bronze and Kevlaar giving shout-outs)