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Artist: Bronze Nazareth f/ Kevlaar 7
Album:  The Unknown
Song:   Hypnotic Prophets (Remix)
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

"Since we've seen each other; a game goes on
Secretly I move and you respond, you're winning
You think it's funny, but look up from the board now"

[Kevlaar 7]
Prevention of ascension, lyrically hesitant to mention
The wackest lines that you regret written visions and mental missions
Got a nigga waiting, decisions, decisions
Hip-Hop religion risen, 50-50 5th and 26 shine spitting
40 million winning, where youthful children sinning
Beginning like tin man, breathing 43rd win

[Bronze Nazareth]
Hidden in the black forest deep in Germany
The Unknown meditates near the deadly interior of the iniquities
Black hooded Jews that's darker than its influence that carry South
And bite the enemy with the jaws of Diamondback cotton mouth
Immorally we release tracks that cut-off circulation like hemostat
Circulatory drops out of wack 'fore my nuclear style attack
My vague premises hold powerful
The limps of dudes on their microphone slashing the opponent with a .45 caliber clip
That plugs into havoc, result's so tragic, dominantly average teams cascade
My tongue bring mass suicide like 39 and ranch on Sante Fe
Law time like McVeigh; blood strickens, terrorize like Terry Nichols
Hide inside candies that I jack while sharpening my sickles
I pull like herpes solutions through I.V.'s
And drag my victories on a chariot after my triumph like Achilles

[Kevlaar 7]
Cold snow grips my feet, closed, nor for any wishing for heat
Trapping on NIKE, walking a silent beat, so unsweet
Cold worlds collide, once on each subside
Trying to live my life and being crucified
Coincide the need to eat, hunger just don't confide
With my wishes, hunger for bitches; hunger for riches
Don't know intelligent human hunger for corrosive dishes
$6.35 an hour, no money, no power
You didn't pursue your dreams, you sold yourself out you coward!
I wanna own the Sears Tower, buy out Eddie Bauer
Selling button-up shirts Hawaiian with the flowers
Dreams ain't the same thing in every man's ring
Own a house in Beijing, well fed and a warm bed
Nestled up in Jackson's pent, the hind-side of the holy
Control the opposite parole
Saint or sinner in between them and the spirit's confused!
Battered, bruised and used, lift the fuse under my desire
Nobody is flier, but nobody is flier then you too
Opinions change, buku
Thought process just the change the essence of the blessing
Hard times in hard life, visions of jackings with a knife drawback and take slack
Adrenaline puddle lay flat, within lines of the law
Only if every nigga saw, moral obligation equal negative public opinions
Haven't even felt my visions, Immortal read that it was written

[Bronze Nazareth]
What the fuck nigga, let me rip this here
I'm through here, nigga what? (YEAH!)

I blaze electromagnetic phonetic, my grip is like pathogens
My cell's multiplying, your cycle of Circadian rhythms
Molest the zip code, number two pencil execution
Cross your fulvic, nomad, lungs sucking up nitrogen
Perpendicular era of conspiracy in the Unknown
I sharpen my erection; harpoon you through your pubic bones
Warlord invulnerable to the violently state of alum that digest a napalm
Disen and Amen-Ra, infamous Sun God
I travel at the speed of shadows, bloodier than medieval battles
And adversaries who impose entity get roped on the gallows
Absorb energy through radioactive ways that slay royal graves
Striving off poison increase and lyrical Gamma-rays
Sentenced by the 42 Judges in the halls of Osiris
To read the book of the dead and spread it immortal white cell virus
Thieving my resent from the dynasties within
Strong as Teutonic Knights in the hypnotic Nordic region
Medea the Sorcerist killing put the gold dragon to sleep
Some dude deprived of Central Romania every time I creep
Crack, pseudo alumni, manifested by 2045
And bomb the Sun then I rise like lethal sedative
Rotate 2000 meters per second squared on an axis
Vespula Yellow jackets swarm, sting with needles of pure lead
Snap pubic bones, lying in dark crevices like crackheads
Writing hazardous, cuneiform, and hieroglyphical
Biblical scriptures that has minds blown
Thunder storming from the dome and fueling from the dark
That drowns Earth and recreates Noah's Ark
Spark from the cutaneous brain tissue
Word's so strong they shoot back through time and slice Jesus' umbilical
No escaping from this, treacherousness
I've walked a quarter Earth with bloody fist
Breathing Primatene mint; a third wish from the Genie lamp
Can't reduce my verbal cramp nor menstruation
Jaws left flapping the Hummingbird on my grazing, fatal laceration
Prophecizing by the sevens, so fuck raising Hell
This nigga's low as Heaven, word!

50/50, half entity, be real, Immortal, Unknown mothafucka