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Artist: Bronze Nazareth
Album:  Thought for Food: Vol. 1 & 2
Song:   Work
Typed by: Cno Evil

[kung fu sample]
Those who would wish to test Bronzemen
Would have to rely entirely on their own skills
No one can give them help
If they do with their all, then the'll die here

[Bronze Nazareth]
Yo, I'mma diabolic bastard, a face slasher
You get maced after, I pull the blade and scrape faster
Then earthquake parade disasters, flames chase after
You fake actors, I'm not a thug, but slugs aim at cha
And rain faster when I step outside
The skies turn Bronze and camouflage of homicide
My arms alive, writing worlds for MC's
Deals we reject, in June, we trust the tech
Under God divisible, by seventeen rounds
From the boat, strike twice, like the lightning sound
Under lights of viking crowds, slicing
On Born Days, blood on the icing, blood on his apron waiting
I keep my statements baking, black plagued Matrix
Skylight in the street, G.R.E. that's me
On or off mics, acapella, get chopped like relish
Hot like Mexican crops when I sell this
Like rocks, I just inhale this, until your blood flow
Acoustic blow, snort a few lines
Quarter of weed and a few dimes, sick of these new mimes
MC's ain't saying shit, start playing shit
Like saliva whys, Wu-Tang iron tried
Peace to Ol' Dirt, put in the most work