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Artist: Bronze Nazareth
Album:  Thought for Food, Vol. 1
Song:   Sigh
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Bronze Nazareth]
Aiyo, moms took his breath, cigarette burns on his hand
Witches said his face resemble that of an old man
How can such fury, just happen again
They said he never smiled, and barely talked, remember his grin
And it's a shame, I'm not to bugged out by this
Cuz it's a normal occurance, in my circumference
Kids litter the streets like confetti after parades
And ya'll talk about cars, clothes and platinum chains
Like you couldn't with fair life, instead of chasing these dreams
I stare at the rotten slim beams, hitting the ceilings
This girl wants diamonds from dead African children
But she won't read an article, she'd rather watch
A 106 & Park show, fuck with niggas that pack in snow
Shit, life ain't TV, it's black day, blackout
Realer than the last breath from his mouth
And ya'll want spinners and DVD's to mount
In the back of the truck, nigga, fuck you

[Chorus: Bronze Nazareth]
Cuz we're dying to survive, and surviving just to die
He choke me til I can't breathe, nigga, respond
Retire off greed, in these blazing sleeves
I be robbing these niggas like Life Jennings
Cuz all my life, I only had to count penny
Said I be robbing these niggas like Life Jennings
All my life, all I had to count was pennies
And I could...

[Bronze Nazareth]
And I could "breathe", if you just get off my chest
Like, the next night, he stole mics from a borrowed heist
Cuz police had me coward, like them greens in my bird sink
I sat down for hours on some net bench, shot up the rows, my arms quench
Cuz he had that gat straight to my hat
Police pulled back like "Oh shit, he's young and black"
Bank robbery suspect, he must get death
Cuz we don't have that chair or that lethal inject
So fuck it, I'll breathe, just as much as I can
And keep my record clean, as forty fives or blue band
Cuz young Cecil don't rest, he flows through the night
He couldn't breathe, cuz she wrapped hands around his windpipe
Just try and breathe for that boy
And every Christmas he just want a rap toy
So you can breathe in Heaven