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Artist: Bronze Nazareth
Album:  Thought for Food: Vol. 1 & 2
Song:   Shaolin Kung Fu Training
Typed by: Knowledge God, Cno Evil

[Intro: movie sample]
Shaolin Kung fu takes long to learn
So I hope that you will all persevere
Study harder, practice harder

[Bronze Nazareth]
Yo, I travelled from far regions to enter the chambers
They sent me to a school where the books taught danger
Mediate 4:30am, take in nourishment
Practise finger jab at the northern polar scene
Blessed with the technique of the eighty ancestors
Who once low hand cave, possess the drunken chest
In the armoury, six harmonies, fist principles
Taught me absorb but tax, my arm is invincible
Practised for years, cobwebs on the console
From the crane, we learned grace and self control
Thirst of bitterness, the sweetness attack elite fist
Creep wrist with ancient styles and burning leeches
Dragon form, venomous snake moves tongue
Bones crunch from seven ways of plumb flower punch
White eyebrows, kung fu style, forbidden touch
Open hands test jammers with the twelve stepped push
Read books for a thousand and ninety five days
On tiger style, short knife form, have five inch graze
Leave the abbot amazed with my deadly dazzling ways
Flying crane hand dislodge tissue from the ribcage
The myth stays grounded as all foes are pounded
When the fire form, cotton needle skill abounded
Teachers and fellow monks watch me advance
My __ tail strikes, splitting the stitching off your pants
Moved up the weaponry, proceed towards the goal
The cold viper fracture arms of beggar's pole
Five elements fist striking vital points at risk
Told one on with the blow on how I truncate the wrist
To preserve and leave here takes many years of practise
The sword style masters, scaphoid be the axis
Asked the abbot if I'm ready for the hall
He said I need more wisdom, looked at me with a pause
Told me, 'don't fear ten thousand kicks they practice once
Fear one kick practised a thousand times, son'