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Artist: Bronze Nazareth f/ Phillie
Album:  Thought for Food, Vol. 1
Song:   Reagan Shot Burst
Typed by: Tha Masta

This is Thought for Food, nigga
Get it nigga, get it nigga, get it...

[Kung Fu sample (Bronze Nazareth)]
(Yeah... Bronze Nazareth)
And I've vowed not to kill but it seems I must! *sounds of fighting*
	Damn you! Aww! *sounds of agony*  *sounds of fighting*
(The mixtape, motherfucker, know what it is
It's Nazareth... bitch!)

[Bronze Nazareth]
Yo it's street sargeant, heal ya card like Steve Largent
Near the building where the bump barge is
And I told his wiz, her pussy cold as an Arctic bridge
The NARCs slid off Marcus crib, off my eyes of the 5th
I never saw an MC with fire so thick
Like a white flame, his wife came like the night train
I sip Thunderbird, life is like a dice game
Don't wanna see a seven before the night train
Grown man on the right train, choke you with a bike chain
My mic game is slight rain, piano string to the right of the brain
Then slice through the scalp so quick it'll ring
MC hitman, finish you slower than quicksand
Not a battle rapper, I never had a battleplan
Cuz it's one block chop, you and ya man
106 & Park in the dark with no fans
Call it sudden death and I always get the rock first
Scatter ya atoms like Reagan head when shot burst, nigga
What? What? *automatic gunfire*

I'm a baller boy, you better watch me, man
And you gotta call 'em boy, ya can't shock me, man
Y'all can see me block the score, fitted yarn, hit ya whore
Yeah I'm right there on the block, yeah this Theme's Theme shit
Fuck around, nigga, this that 313 shit
Eat ya up, nigga, I'm a beast
I don't bring shit but nothing but eat
I come through like the boy, so sweet
I wanna do my thing and you can't compete
Why put it down, my boy's is gon' squash you
Gon' get you up, dog and lard you
Your bullet holes so big I could hulahoop
God damn them boys can shoot
What the fuck is up? Niggaz get stuck
In the mental, niggaz get shot, what's up?
Y'all niggaz can't get through, yo my pencil
I don't need it, damn dog, you bleeding
Whip yaself, time to get on
Fuck around, leave ya face with the Phillie on
One of the illest around, I've been putting it down since '96
And still, one of the illest, shit
Y'all niggaz could stick to the script, Phillie'll rip
I've popped more tops than you
Phillie on, yo, I run more blocks than you
What nigga? Yeah... *coughs* fuck it, fuck it, fuck it
Aw man...

[kung fu sample]
So they shot the Clansman?