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Artist: Bronze Nazareth f/ Phillie
Album:  Thought For Food: Vol. 1 & 2
Song:   Danica
Typed by: pneumatic, Cno Evil

[Intro: Phillie]
Thought for Food, Thought For Food
Thought for Food nigga go get that shit, Go get it
(I got it, Nigga I already got that shit) Yeah

[Chorus: Phillie]
I know yall trying to hide, I see you
Thought For Food volume two that be the sequel
Go and get a taste, Leave with a whole plate
You can't eat just one like Frito Lays
Bronze Nazareth, Put it on your calendar
Hazardous, So ill got it sealed in canisters
You better hold up like a banister
Like we aint still getting that cane like Danica

[Bronze Nazareth]
Yeah Detroit is where I reside
Throw shells watch three beans slide, Murder glimpse, A team of emcees die
Serve'n em like tennis bro a calico, All the ashes candle blow
Slipped in undetected, Black plaque infection lessons
Smoking greeny weed, Say a hotter guy when I rise
And I clutch sentences, Still strenuous with the pen
Robust to fill a grave with metal scraps instead of dirt
I better got berretta burst through mic cord
Better verse, Natural grass never turf
My letters hurt, Tazor words, Find a morgue
Aint got a body by Bronze, I'll put you in the dirt
And this is nearly word play but the shotty work
Work I do it hardly, I start as an expert
My best work "Day to God" then I let the tech murk
Migrated to an island, Hawaiian drink, Still no dress shirt
Smoking O.Z.'s, Blowing like leaves in the desert
I am buying an eagle to try and ride next to this Gully death pool
Rhymes like locus fighting focus in the mess hall breaking noses
Hanging Jena 6 opposing lawyers, Throwing coffins across Judge's foyers
They get the message quickly, Royal rose, Oil the toast, Massage gently
Mind empty, Allah ??? ???, I'll leave the clips steaming empty