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Artist: Bronze Nazareth
Album:  Thought for Food: Vol. 1 & 2
Song:   Bended Knee to the Man Upstairs
Typed by: Knowledge God

[Bronze Nazareth]
Yo the street planter, meat hand, the pursuit grammar
Residue scanned my black camera
Brother maracas shined at this gossip, life exploding tunnel
I sleep puddles and neat potholes
Which Bush got clothes like Kennedy head songs?
Instead of me dead zone
Fled chrome crashes, now I'ma blow axis off
'Cause no cash is caught, from not black bosses
Often I'm off this planet, sing a song like daughter Janet
How cocaine grows and my brain thinking off planting
I feel the dreams go to seal is my scheme
To path rocks like __, OJ passed mountain cops
Fountain tops quench thirst, bent verbs blew my high
She so beautiful, I lick from cuticle to thigh
But she'll never be mine
Devilish grin with a heavenly mind
Step on landmines, damn mines, it been a ling trip
And I'm not sure I've made it yet
My baby's sweat 'cause I'm onboard 7/24
She don't se through my lenses or through my expenses
In bended knee prayers to the man upstairs
With camera glares in my mirrors
No insurance, flee the scene with no disturbance
Hope the cops don't come searching
I'm urging for a pay raise
All I'ma have to say raise Hell until the Devil steals my soul
And peals my goal
From my future, how they shoot you cousin, son I'm bugging
Say bye to another one, hi to her grandson
With no figure father, the street boggler even elite role model
This hole swallow pit-bull, the figure-four model
Time fall back in a labyrinth
To face the daggers when you're staggering through life like a _
Asking for change and flagging down cabs
Buy them bottles in bags that's under abdomens
Put on your walking shoes, boy we travelling