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Artist: Bronze Nazareth
Album:  Thought for Food: Vol. 1 & 2
Song:   100 Skeletons
Typed by: Knowledge God, Cno Evil

[Bronze Nazareth]
Sound like a 100 skeletons playing piano
Your box sound is week as trust for Sam Gravano
Shoot like a model colt 45 bottles
Pit bull terrorist chemicals specialist
I seep like sewage into brains as sediments
And over pimp the brain pitch, Spanish and Bangladesh
Mics be choked like the Hillside Strangler
Chord is a noose, bodies dangled from the booth hanger
Stab on the mic like multiple wounds
Chest might ooze from pushin' the knife through
Grow on a track like vines on a house
Blow like Marilyn Monroe nose hole, not on blouse
Sitting in my mind ready to fly off the fiends
But flatfoots had a steady eye on my routines
And quick as money comes the same way it spends
To pay your way to a coffin that's why we call them ends