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Artist: Bronze Nazareth
Album:  School for the Blindman
Song:   Jesus Feet
Typed by: Bronze Nazareth

[Religious Speaker]
ÖBut if we ever come to the place in our livesÖhuh
When Jesus becomes more than all we needÖ
Or more than all we want, and he becomes all we have
We will find that Jesus is truly more than enough,
The Lord will always be more than enough
Satisfy my mouth with good thingsÖby you

[Intro Talk: Bronze Nazareth]
Yeah these lyrics will make you work out nahmsayin
Hey Gun Rule the alma mater nigga
Detroit the New School nigga
School of hard knocks and and thatís all we here to do
Uh huh, Wisemen baby
Uh huh chronic coughin uh huh this what Iím here for
Yeah í89 Pistons, we move in silence

[Bronze Nazareth]
Iím from a cement blackhole, forever tryin to crawl out the bottom
Yellow Tony Accardo when the model tec rot Ďem
Butch Jones plots inspired tho, shake the metal hand like Destro
Itís Bronzeman, count ya grams, itís chess moves
I write shows from below my left chest bones
So I donít do commercial, nigga witness my episodes
Black mask the implant, best addressed to enchant
Many been, under modern Bethlehem street lamps
Also for deep cramps exchange chlorophyll grants
Oil spill days, make the sun rays enhance
The forecast, four die cast metal cats
On the warpath, paragraph sarin laced raps
Bless the 13th amendment that I ever graced text
Take the X out the rebel flag, Malcolm got next
I bet five bullet roulette, calm as Novacek
Golden steps in the motor set, gambino connect
Royal fam with the loyal hand, murals of my sonogram
Nicknamed sauna hands, marijuana ganja man
Blew a dungeon gram when Kirk had to leave
Still see him on my white tee we spoke in a dream
My philosophy choke em to the 9th degree
Possibly I escape, beat Ďem with a pipe dream
Poem burial site seeing, my focus precise
Follow them light beams when Iím complete on the mic
Recently tried to see, right through ominous blight
Smokehouse in the moonlight, pharaoh Gold bright
Modern saloon fight, common Gun Rule Life
And he who exiled to Motown,
Is Jesus Feet, renound surgical gown with broke crown

[Outro Talk: Bronze Nazareth]
Jesus Feet, nahmsayin, thats what it is
Cock the hammers back get it ready knowmsayin
This that real shit, you can take in ya heart, knowmsayin
Walk with me, move with a fatal dart stalk with me
Whutup my nigga, yeah whutup my niggas
Itís me Jesus Feet

[Religious Speaker]
Satisfaction from the Lord
When the Lord moves in your life
The Lord will never do just enough
The will always be more than enough
How could my soul ever forget
When I think about his grace when I think about his goodness
I just have to say Bless the Lord on my soul
And all the is beneath meÖBLESS!
The soul forgets, that the lord satisfies