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Artist: Bronze Nazareth
Album:  Blowgun CD single
Song:   Waters of Nazareth (Love Me Only)
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[Intro: Bronze Nazareth]
Run your fingers through the Waters of Nazareth....everybody else has...

[Bronze Nazareth]
Heart attacking again, chest blackening
Head's cracking again from pacific which is lacking within
Watchin' Atlantic's tides creepin' in
And he's realizin' with no disguisin' there's a previous ocean still tantalizing
To Pacific's eyes when, my temperature's risin'
Though I float smoothly instead of abusin'
She can't see oceanic pollution
And still his containment is soothin'
So I'm losin' gallons
Birds scrape and scratch me when I'm landed on with sharp talons
I lay back pass the islands, takes three months of waitin'
I'll be back down to low tide my saltwater evaporatin'
Pacific still being dipped in but not by myelin
So my contents are still dyin', while bad birds keep flyin' in
The others I don't want , but I enter myself ignorantly
into shallow oceans, kinda hopin' they don't elevate me
While loved ones and surrounding others
say they don't deserve my holy waters in their life
I think pacific does but she doesn't realize

[Chorus 2X: Bronze Nazareth]
(Tell Me) Oceans of Wisdom
( only, yeah) Waters of Nazareth

[Bronze Nazareth]
Mid ocean potion hittin' notions of my explosions
Your winter erodes the center of Atlantic's frantic land seams
Engulf beams of your radius, changing ever gracious
Chambers half of eight so glacious, and moving spacious
Months, years, sun, moon, stars, in between
Spread ya earth under me before the trenches are seen
Plain as night, days are slights circles of hands
Around twelve digits, I slowly calculate your positions
Wishin' I layed in your gulf streams
I can run my fingers through the tributaries but can't describe the seas
And the rivers leave slivers of pollution in my solution
Dilution of viscosity, spreading everything from possibly
Building up, spilling cups of hydrosphere
So why be here?
Without chance of entering your fissures and expanding
'Cuz, only your water appears clear and hope is still withstanding

[Chorus 2X]

[Bronze Nazareth]
Confined in channels, paths braided like your currents
While I meander downstream
you watch, hold rocks, comtemplating
Dregding for the fledging floodplain in which we sit
Broken dams replaced by weathered hands, I'm frozen by eclipse
Residence time is condensed
As the chambers of the Arctic wrench backwards
Caused by the moons adverse
Gravitation, making your warm earth move away from
the waves of my beeping life line decayin' lifetimes
Hydrograph finds sublime signs, red sea declines
Atlantic tides reachin' highs, evaporate except my eyes
Salinity rise, what has this taught ya bout my culture?
You've filtered through the grains and went for dirt like groundwater
Never thought her to be so porous, pacific riding sea horses
If you drift and find me later, see what pollution causes
.....'cause you couldn't love me only