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Artist: Brother Ali
Album:  Us
Song:   The Preacher
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Hit me hard, now
Ladies and gentlemen, you made the right choice this evening

Chorus: (X2)
If you know me, you know I
Love my family love my God
Before I knew either I loved my art
So I'm married to the pen till death do us part
Rock hard with all my heart

College broads call me avant garde
Probably 'cause I'm all off the chart
Only thing poppy about me
Is what my Puerto Rican mami call me when she on me
And the raw me is all I let y'all see
I believe I rock it properly
Obviously a lot of y'all agree
Remind me, what the fuck can stop Ali?
Only me as far as I can see
Line 3 of "My Philosophy" 
By BDP, it apply to me
I'm just the guy to lead a crew
That means the true people who believe in you
And hold you down and do what they need to do
Street Preacher
Say you don't believe what these people teach
Well me neither
He who follows his dream is deemed leader
The freedom fighter meets the peace keeper
See me creeping up in the pulpit
With a full clip fit to speak to the people
May I suggest you just believe dude?
Everything he speak on, really true
He's proved he would never mislead you
Or treat you as nothing less than equal
That's why they call me Brother Ali, too
The feeling always seems to bleed through
No quitting I kill it until the beats through
No kidding I'm real in everything we do
Rap beef bullshit so see through
They don't like the hoops they got to leap through
So they turn on each other like the weak do
Your little teeth chew meat, fool me too

Chorus (X2)

Rest assured I'm the best to do it in my neck of the woods
Hell yes I'm good
You can give me any test and I'll prove it no question
Let this be a lesson to you
When a superior send a message through the air waves
Your way, fool, just accept it
And consider it a blessing
I won't rest till the moment they press play
This jam come down and cave your chest in
There's a couple more things y'all have to know
Y'all been violating the rapper code
Can't just walk around here acting bold
Got to earn respect to brag and boast
Skills get you that not swag and clothes
Chin might get tapped, I crack your nose
Fall back before y'all collapse
Me, I'm an artist all a y'all are acts
That's why my heart bleed all on the track
Tell me what the fuck's wrong with that
Y'all foreplaying I'm raw dogging that
I lead the way 'cause y'all lost the path
This dialogue is all about the facts
That's why my stories are hard to match
Never been afraid at all, follow that

Chorus (X2)

Preacher in here this evening
Let me see your hands if you believe him
I don't know but I got this feeling
These people need some healing
And there just so few real ones
I got just what you're seeking
That giant can't keep sleeping
Wake up and touch that freedom