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Artist: Brother Ali
Album:  Us
Song:   Babygirl
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(Verse 1)
There's big pieces of a life she can't remember
Her mind shuts down, it's trying to protect her
Might be for the best to forget but it seems like
They always reappear when she least expects
Late nights we lay awake, drowning in the lake that pours out of her face
Here's late but she's still not safe
Memories live out in the time,in the place
The way he smelled,the way he smiled
The evil she even recognized as a child
Hand on her throat, sting of a fist
Instead of her first kiss she got this
Shameful feeling, painful secret
Lonely knowin' that nobody would believe it
Every wound that escapes her time capsule
Hurts like the day it was born and it's brand new

I wasn't there babygirl but I'm here
I don't know what to say I just hear
If there's one wish I could make true
I would shoulder that pain and take it off you
Don't run babygirl, don't run
You gotta' face what you fighting, head on
Only one thing I could say in truth
You gotta' deal with the demons before they deal with you

(Verse 2)
How can she find peace in her mind when
Love means returning to the scene of a crime?
I can feel it inside we've reopened wounds every time we intertwine
Such an evil design when you can't even enjoy the sweetness you find
Trying to see through the tears in your eyes and rebuild your shrine one piece at a time
E & K made it all fade away
Colors don't burn no more it's all gray
Cant find heaven from within that shell but it's enough of a blessing if just not seen hell
Constant inner dialog says just end this roller coaster ride you're on
Only one solution seems final: slide into a hole where your pain can't find you


(Verse 3)
She said if I was meant to die he would've killed me
There must be a reason that I still breathe
I don't have the tools to rebuild me
But I still believe that one day I could feel free
And my body can be mine again
My eyes can learn how to shine again
My inner child won't have to hide and then
When I'm strong then love could be invited in
Sweet God that's all I ask, of thee
I'm willing to give what you demand of me
I'm learning to embrace the reality
That life doesn't always turn out how it's planned to be
I didn't deserve what was handed me
Only one who can grant happiness is me
What it takes for her to face the day
I can only hope to be half that brave