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Artist: Brother Ali
Album:  The Truth Is Here
Song:   Begin Here
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[Brother Ali]
Brothers and sisters I know we had a good time this evening
If we can get your attention, at the stage for just a minute, please
Want thank y'all ever so kindly for coming out and joining us yet again
You know me and Anthony sure do appreciate it
We want to thank, his majesty, I Self Divine, for, blessing us
with his presence here this evening
Yeah, you know my big brother Slug, he got on the mic tonight but
if you listen real close he's there in everything we ever did
In the background smoking, you know, being cool
Ant break this down for me
Just going give you a few more words before we, before we get on outta here
(*clears throat*)

When I was young you couldn't tear me away from the stereo
And used to carry one with me everywhere I go
As I memorized the words I genuinely believed every line I heard
I thought that these men that I referred to
was prophets of our time would never lie inverse
I can't begin to tell you how it hurt
 As time went on some of them disguises burst
I always said if ever I get heard, if ever I am perched in an elevated place
High enough so this world can recognize my words
I would never turn and try to hide my face
And so I give it all as an author
Even if myself is all I have to offer
I don't exaggerate it, I would gladly be hated for what I am
and just stand and state it
And if you relate then you can take it
All human beings are the same when we're naked
We all living through the same insane trip
But we ain't it in alone if somebody stand up and say...

[Brother Ali]
A lot of people waiting for their big break to make it
You going spend your all life waiting until you learn that
anything given to a man can be taken
Only thing that's ever really yours is what you earn
It's a mistake to label it patience when you see a person
 latently waiting for a turn
Another one got the faith to go and take his
Win, lose, or draw the end ain't the concern
I want it so bad I can taste it
And makeshift tools are the only ones to work
in the hands of a dreamer to make it take shape with
See if I can't get this old torch to burn
And all of those chains and the bracelets are symbols of that
for which our souls yearn
Strip it all away and what you face is we're trying to touch happy
before we touch the earn
I thank you from the bottom of my heart
Every show you ever saw, every album that you bought
You can be my guest and tear it all apart
at the foundation you'll be sitting there with what I fought
The past is gone, my path is charted
My grasp is strong, I'm just getting started
My aim is steady and my view is clear
My name became heavy and the truth is here...