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Artist: Brother Ali
Album:  Off the Record
Song:   The Trap
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[Intro: Speaking]
Judge not lest ye shall be judged. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone
Until you have walked a mile in a man's shoes you can not judge a man

[Verse One]
What if that was you born to the left of the tracks?
The place where you grow up is infested with rats
The Army didn't segregate that
Everybody who could, left in a snap
And never looked back
And since they've been gone they haven't invested in jack
Left very few ways for you to generate scratch
Your school is under funded, your teachers over worked
And when it comes to text books you gotta settle for scraps
And seldom when trapped
The wall pressed to your back
Can we ever think of anything except to react
If you ain't Einstein, you just a regular cat
And your self preservation is a medical fact
Then done set you up a helluva trap
They put bait in your face and if you take it then you never get back
What kind of set up is that?
The justice is just that
Just us, a public defender, his head up his ass
You're headed to a place where slavery is legal
And you being a human ain't no relevant fact
And if you play nice 
You might escape with your life 
And get a release date but don't celebrate yet!
Cause they're sending you back 
To where you fell threw the cracks
Except now it's harder because you got a felony rap
Might get an interview but your resume's jacked
And the second they find out you got an F it's a wrap
In the 70's cats, from the ghetto made rap
Unifying worldwide, we all felt the impact
But the company that stole out, they sellin' it back
Stripped all down to, really, the irrelevant crap
And the message is that
If you poor you black
Throw some shells up in the gat and go and sell you some crack
Then you'll have shiny things and money in stacks
And Destiny's Child will want to fuck you for that
Look how the fuckin' deck has been stacked
And the effect it can have on you feelin' you never had a chance
Don't be judging people in a second at a glance
Or act superior because the blessings that you had
God don't prefer you, He's testing your ass
With the benefit you're givin', you're expected to pass
Take a look in the mirror
Reflect on that
Just might be a hypocrite reflecting in the glass
With yo bitch ass!