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Artist: Brother Ali
Album:  Off the Record
Song:   Operation Push
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To my big brother Slug. Rock the house
And my main man Ant yo. Rock the house
To my best friend Murs man. Rock the house
To my man Blueprint brother. Rock the house
To my guy Mr. Dibbs dude. Rock the house
To my girl Psalm One baby. Rock the house
And my man Vast Aire yo. Rock the house
And my man Immortal Technique. Rock the house
Check it out

[Verse One]
The first time
We dropped a little somethin'
They start buzzin' like King Solomon was comin'
Album of the year was the topic of discussion
Once you got that little rush it's impossible to touch it
Then the ground froze and I'm growlin' in the stomach
Underground shows I'm devouring the public
It's all I know, but I'm a scholar of the subject
Where ever I go it's like they follow me or some shit
I ain't a part of no damn record business
I ain't got a single fan, I got brothers and sisters
Every time they raise their hands they bare witness
They listenin' and they know that a man who cares did this
Ever since I'm a pip squeak and can't even pee straight
Had some shit to speak on a beat break
Guaranteed to dig a little deeper with each take
Bleedin' on the beat till the meat on my knees shake
They call me a beast, I just think I'm the least fake
I know I'll be alone on my judgment day
I believe it to the bone what the fuck I say
My shit's etched in stone and it's done my way

One.Be.Lo. Rock the house
And the Brand Nubian crew. Rock the house
To the lord Rakim brother. Rock the house
Mr. Lif, Kid Capri. Rock the house
To my brother C-Rayz Walz. Rock the house
And my man I-Self Define rockin' the house
To my brother Toki Wright man. Rock the house
And the Los Nativos rockin' the house

[Verse Two]
In 2003 I was the number one challenger
Then years started fallin' off the calendar
'04 champion, knee deep, kept my balance up
'05 and 6 I still didn't have an album, fuck
Jay-Z retired and came back
I'm still out here kickin' the same tracks
How in the world am I supposed to explain that?
Except that I hastefully chase what I aim at
And the same passion that I put in when I'm kickin' my shit
I rebuild my entire life brick by brick
And I couldn't tell the story till I knew what the endin' was
God give us messages, you better listen when he does
Y'all supportin' me, always there for me
Still got a babysitter, Pager Money came and saw me
I give you my life
Just give me an hour of yours
Check the album
Check us out on the tour
I never go to song without an album no more
If you ain't got the money steal it from the popular store
If you take away one thing just know above all
I ain't rich, but I'm livin' and I owe it to y'all

So Minneapolis. Rock the house
And yes St. Paul. Rock the house
And Chicago, Illinois man. Rock the house