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Artist: Brother Ali
Album:  Off the Record *
Song:   Fire in the Eye
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* originally appeared on A League Of Our Own Vol. 2 compilation

Brother Ali. Rhymesayers Entertainment. Midwest. A League Of Our Own
Volume 2 motherfucker. Fuck with me right now. Listen listen

[Verse One]
You are now inside the brain of Americas best
Forrest Whittaker hungry, it's about to get ugly
Police with their arm extended can't touch me
Smacked in the face is how this shit struck me like
A-L-I the Brother
Since 89's the number
And ain't tryin' to slumber
Representin' for the birth pain of my mother
Ali like Rocky, I train in the gutter
But it ain't about the tunnel
It's the light at the end
And we walkin' through life with a mic and a pen
Mentality is that of a cat who gon eat
I grind till the sparks dance off the concrete
Stand close to me
Watch me hopefully
Cause you're gonna see my gift open up the door for me
The last of a dying breed
Live MC
Look inside my eyes and see what's inside of me

[Chorus: 2X]
The ock got the fire in the eye
All head turn when the brother walk by
And you should know that when you got that little feelin' in your soul and you're cold
And tonight you might die ahhhhh!

[Verse Two]
The syllabus will be read aloud this evenin'
Watch out now if you're too opposed to be in this
Open season
You should know not to walk nearby the cage when it's this close to feedin'
Hold your feet in the flame
Ali is the name
You'll be chantin' "boom bye aye" when you repeat it in vain
His beats are insane
And you can ask any local wack rapper to show you where the teeth are ingrained
Even my lazy eye got that fire in it
Went from grindin' to shinin' and now sky's the limit
They do it every day without disguise or gimmick
Your face look better when my fist grind up in it
This is the house that the Sayers build
Now I use it as a return address when I pay my bills
Pain and guilt fill the pages up
We gonna ride till our days is up
Motherfuckers say...

[Chorus] - 2X